A coffee table is one of those pieces of furniture that can really make or break a room, and how you style them is just as important. A beautifully styled coffee table can really help tie your family room together and can make your home look cozy, warm and inviting. Coffee tables are usually a low table that sits below your sofa and provides a convenient table top surface support for your guests to place their beverages or anything else they may have. For this reason, it’s a good idea to have a good balance between how you style it, and it’s functionality. So, today I will be sharing my top tips on HOW TO STYLE A COFFEE TABLE that is realistic, practical with kids and instagram-worthy at the same time.



how to style a coffee table


how to style a coffee table table



 Scented Candle in Glass Holder  // Abode Book // Round Bamboo Bowl // Down to Earth Book //

Porcelain Fin Vase // Stoneware Serving Dish // Brass Pyramid

Wood Hand-Carved Star Fruit  //  Made for Living Book  //  3 Footed Cream Pot  // Sun Dried Palm Leaves // Cross Hatch Object

 Surf Shacks Book  //  Sea Glass Beads  //  Textured Stoneware Vase  //  Rounded Stoneware Vase  // Wood Sphere’s  // Bamboo Tray  //

Terracotta Vase  // Umber Beads


how to style a coffee table



Keeping decor balanced is so crucial when decorating anything in your home. One of the first things I like to do is establishing a focal point. This is quite important to begin with because it helps figure out where the eye naturally lands when entering the room.

The second thing I like to do is making sure I balance bold pieces. I typically like to keep my decor pretty neutral and timeless by using classic decorative pieces, but I like to throw in a few bold decor pieces here and there. However, I make sure not to clump them together, instead, I strategically place them on the coffee table, and place some neutral pieces around them. Lastly, focusing on visual symmetry or even sometimes asymmetry. Creating visual pairs with your decorative objects can really help make the process easier and creates a nice visual interest.



Using trays like this $29 one to decorate your coffee table is such an easy and effortless way to keep your table styled and can really help round out the space, instead of placing a couple random items on the table. It’s also a nice way to keep things organized, put together, and isn’t too harsh on the eye. Overall makes it feel like something was meant to be there.

There are countless ways you can style a tray in your living room, and this is something you can have fun with and move things around. One of my favorite things to do is to put a floral arrangement in a vase and place it inside the tray, and then I add another vase to create visual symmetry. You can also add your decorative objects inside the tray and pair it with some functional items you will use as well. Loving this stone tray from H&M, only $24



Anytime I’m buying new home decor pieces, I always try to stick to classic pieces that I know will be timeless, meaning, it will never go out of style and last for years! My first tip that I personally do is, stick to neutrals. This is the easiest way to ensure you’re getting a bang for your buck. I love neutral pieces because it brings a light fresh clean feel to any room. A few classic pieces I love to use are coffee table books, statues, vases, neutral decorative objects. I try to stay away from home decor that is “trendy” because we all know trends don’t really last very long. However, if there’s anything you absolutely LOVE, by all means get it!



Though I love sticking to neutrals when it comes to home decor as my personal taste, I really love throwing in some color, especially during summer and spring! Throwing in some subtle colors gives character, and adds some visual interest. One of the easiest ways to do this is adding a floral arrangement to a vase and center it on your coffee table. It’s so simple and subtle, adds a little bit of color, and will look pleasing to the eyes. You could also use a tray that has a little pop of color as well, and mix in your neutral decorative objects to balance everything out. If trays aren’t your thing, you could opt for using a bowl, and adding some decor beads such as these sea glass beads. 




Lastly, use coffee table books. There are so many great options out on the market right now, from Amber Interiors to Dior, so many good ones! There are also so many different ways to style them, which I think is why they are my favorite. You can stack a few on top of each other if you have several coffee table books. Maybe even add your floral arrangement, a decorative object, or even a bowl on top of your coffee table books.

I also love this Restoration House Book. You can also set these books next to a tray or bowl, add some decorative beads on top. There are so many endless options like a simple decorative candles on top. If you plan on stacking coffee table books, try using different sizes for creating visual asymmetry and will be eye catching.


I hope there were a few tips and tricks in here that helped! Home decor can be tricky sometimes, so have fun with it and play around with different pieces until you find what you love!


how to style a coffee table table




 Abode Book  //  Wood Hand-Carved Star Fruit //  Made for Living Book // 3 Footed Cream Pot // Sun Dried Palm Leaves //
  Sea Glass Beads // Textured Stoneware Vase //  Bamboo Tray //  Ikea Basket   //  Deep Amber Glass Vase   //  Peppered Cylinder Vase 
//  California Living and Eating Book  //  Home Body Book  //  Yellow Vase 





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