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Today I wanted to share one of my most frequently asked questions. It really is such a simple question, but since I get asked it so often I decided I would share more about it.

wrapped top: Madewell – also found here  |  mom jeans: Topshop  |  shoes: Kelsi Dagger Brooklyn |  handbag: Free People  |  sunglasses: Rayban 50mm


One question I get asked a dozen times a week is what sunglasses I am wearing? What size I got? What Brand? They look big on your face what size are these? etc!
I can see why so many people ask this question because these Rayban sunglasses are my major go to and something I always ALWAYS wear in real life and during my photoshoots.

A real quick funny story to go along with these sunglasses. I have about 8-10 pairs of sunglasses in my car at all times. Crazy I know, but I never know what I want to wear, plus when I do go and shoot outfits I have every pair I own that why I don’t ever leave them at home. This being the way it is, my husband HATES that I do this. Because they fill the cup holders, the sides of the doors, where the USB charging units go, and of course the middle console.

I keep these specific Rayban sunglasses in the door on the drivers side since they are my most used. When my husband is driving our car and I am sitting in the passenger seat I ask him if he can hand me over my sunglasses. He replies “which one??, You have 50 to choose from!!!” Then I reply back saying “The only ones I ever wear with you!!” He finally gives them to me with a huge sigh. So funny!

This pair of sunglasses is from Rayban, the Icon 50mm Round Metal Sunglasses.
I got the smaller size in the 50mm compared to the 53mm because I have a smaller face.
I often get people telling me they look big but good on my face and that’s why they always assume it is another brand other than Rayban before telling them. The reason is because of my smaller face and head.

So if you have a smaller face I would recommend getting the 50mm. If you have a normal or larger face I would go for the bigger 53mm!

These glasses really go with everything I wear and are pretty durable! I have had these for 2.5 years and really love them!


xo, Camilla


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