Happy Monday Mamas.. better yet happy Christmas Eve!
Is everyone prepped and ready for what today and tomorrow will bring. We are in Idaho and just hoping the snow will come that is promised on the weather app. Fingers crossed we get a white Christmas this year!

Today I wanted to share something I recently shared in my newsletter. A winter checklist for you and your kids. I did one this Fall and felt like it had a great success so I wanted to share several things I have done or have wanted to do with Edison this winter. Luckily we still have a few more months of winter before crossing them off. My goal was to finish before Christmas, but honestly this month just got away from me! Couldn’t believe how quickly it went by.

I will share the image here, but all you have to do is click HERE to download it and print it off to cross of with your kids.

I would love if you shared with me if you use it! So fun to see

Needing new ideas to entertain your kids this holiday break? Camilla of Navy Grace is sharing a printable PDF of her favorite Winter Checklist activities

Have you checked out my top five favorite NYE tops and sweaters?

xo, Camilla


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