Finding clothes to wear postpartum can be a little tricky. You’re adjusting to a new body, a new role, and so many other things that come with having a baby, and you just want to feel comfortable and confident during this time. But along with that, you have so many different hormones running wild, and if you have more than one kid, finding something to wear for the day or getting ready in general probably isn’t the easiest thing. However, I find it so important to try to make the effort to get dressed everyday because it makes me feel put together and helps me feel better and more productive. With that being said, today I am sharingย WHAT I’LL BE WEARING POSTPARTUM as well as what I will be wearing home from the hospital.

I typically like to opt for cute, comfortable loungewear sets or any cute sets in general. After all you will most likely be snuggling a newborn on your couch! They’re easy, quick and so effortless, and you don’t have to put much thought into putting a whole outfit together. They’re also great for when you’re running short on time and need to run out the door. So, I put together a few of my favorite outfits, outfits I have and will be wearing and a few other loungewear sets I think will be perfect for postpartum. These are all super comfortable, flattering, and great outfits to wear for postpartum and there are several options in every price point!

Last but not least, remember not to feel down when those pre-pregnancy jeans don’t fit. Your body just grew a whole beautiful human, and it will likely take a while to get back to where you were. So give yourself grace, and opt for other comfortable, postpartum friendly options. ๐Ÿ˜Š


postpartum outfit ideas


postpartum outfit ideas




postpartum outfit ideas



1 // Colsie Oversized Pullover Sweatshirt and Lounge Joggers

We all love a great affordable cozy set, and it’s always a plus if it’s from target. ๐Ÿ˜‰ This set is so comfortable and great for lounging, and I love the relaxed fit of the sweatshirt because it’ll be easy to pull up for nursing. The set together is under $50 and it comes in three different colors. Easily one set what I’ll be wearing postpartum


2 // Birchmoor Cardigan Sweater and Birchmoor Sweater Pants

If you want to get out of loungewear sets but still want to look cute and put together, this outfit would be a great option. This ribbed cardigan has the perfect relaxed fit, and is also a great layering piece. It also goes great paired with the matching sweater pants which are so comfy and have the perfect fit. I will more than likely be wearing this set home from the hospital. ๐Ÿ˜Š


3 // Lightspun Button-back Top and Lightspun Pull-on Balloon Pants

This super soft set is so great for lounging, and super comfortable. I am absolutely loving this top and pants paired together. It has such a laid back look that makes you look put together, and the pants have a stretchy elastic waistband which is great for postpartum!


4 // The Coziest Cashmere Hoodie and Joggers

This set is every cozy girl’s dream, and honestly would be perfect for wearing postpartum. The hoodie and joggers come in six different color options, and they are both super soft, and perfect for lounging.


5 // Scuba Oversized Half Zip Hoodie

You all know my obsession with Lululemon’s scuba hoodies. They are probably one of my favorite items on their site because it’s so soft, comfortable, and such great quality.


6 // The Raglan Crewneck and Joggers

This set is made out of French Terry material, so it’s very soft, but isn’t going to leave you hot and sweaty. I love this pretty green color, and it has the perfect loose, oversized fit for postpartum.


7 // Lyle Top and Mettler Shorts

Whether you’re going to doctors appointments, grocery runs, or walks at the park, this set is perfect for any outing or for lounging. It is also made out of French Terry and is super soft and comfortable.


8 // Oversized Knit Sweater and Textured Jogger Pants

This outfit is another great option to wear for any outings you may have, while looking put together and staying comfortable. It has such a great flattering fit, which is essential for postpartum. The sweater is super affordable and comes in five different colors, and the jogger pants come in beige and green.


9 // Satin Pyjama Shirt and Pyjama Pants

This pajama set looks absolutely stunning and so luxurious. I love anything satin for sleepwear or loungewear as it is always so comfortable and feels great on the body. It comes in this beautiful burnt orange color as well as in green.


10 // Bexley T-Shirt and Savona Pants

This cropped tee is made out of a soft, breathable, cotton mesh material and has a boxy relaxed fit. It would be great to wear if you’re planning on nursing, and it comes in six different color options. I love it paired with these cargo pants that are not only stylish but comfortable and flattering.


11 // Lightspun Button-back Top and Pull-on Shorts

This set is similar to #3, but paired with their matching pull-on shorts. I have this set and absolutely love it because it is so comfortable, and is the perfect mom fit that you can wear out and about.


12 // Scuba Sweatshirt and Joggers

This set feels so soft and expensive, but with an affordable price tag. Sweat sets are always a go-to for postpartum as they are comfortable and great for lounging. It comes in this light green color as well as in taupe.


13 // Luxe Cashmere Button Crewneck and Sweater Pants

I am absolutely loving this set! It has such an elevated, sophisticated look to it and looks so cozy and comfortable. I love the button details on the sweater, and the fit and style of the pants. This set comes in three different colors and is a must have!


14 // Gio Sweater Set

I have this set and I will probably be wearing it quite a bit after baby gets here. It is probably one of my favorites because it is very comfortable, breathable, and flattering. It comes in black, beige, and a pretty light green color.


15 ย // The Softest French Terry Pullover and Joggers

The description of this set says “Imagine your best, worn-in t-shirt had a love child with a cozy blanket” and I couldn’t agree more! I love the clean and polished look of this set overall, and how elevated it looks. It also comes in a few different colors that are all stunning and great options!



postpartum outfit ideas




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