Well.. You may have guessed it by the color of the balloons. But, we are HAVING A GIRL!!!
We are so excited to be adding a little girl into the mix of our all boy family. A little girl to dress in bows and dresses and a little sister Edison can love on.

If any of you read my newsletter last week, than the 90% prediction from the ultra sound tech was dead on! Not to mention all the feelings I was having, thinking, or knowing and feeling like it was a girl. I keep getting a “feeling” it was a girl. But you just never know. This pregnancy has been pretty similar to how Edison’s was, so that thought kept me thinking maybe that “feeling” isn’t always accurate.


I’ll be honest, I always wanted 2 boys first, then my 3rd child to be a girl. That is just how I pictured my family. But in the back of my mind, I always thought, well, what if I get 2 boys and never get a little girl. I would be CRUSHED! So to say I am thrilled to have a little girl is an understatement. When I picture a little girl, I also imagine her as an adult. Someone who wants to be my friend, someone who will call to go to lunch with etc. And this is why I feel so honored to be a new mother to a baby daughter.

Either way, I know that this is how it is suppose to be. This is what is intended for us and we are so happy!



On one note, I think picking a girls name is 100 times easier than picking a boy name. Or at least, finding one that both you and your spouse agree on. That is the true struggle. Have we decided on a girls name yet? No! But, do we have some options in the running? Yes! Brandon and I have both agreed on one name, but we are never ones to really decide until baby is here!

Have you found it easier to pick girls name more than boys?



We found out our gender last weekend, but are just now sharing about it because Brandon was pretty persistent about announcing his own way. He really wanted to do this with Edison when we found out. But I put my foot down and said no! So this time, I really didn’t get a choice, nor did I feel that it was as big of a deal with baby #2. Go Check out my stories on Instagram to see how Brandon announced the gender. I’ll give you a hint. It was with this car.
The original plan was Brandon wanted to do a gender reveal with family and friends. It all sounded fun, until I realized that I would be standing ALL alone, while Brandon was in the car doing the burnout. I told him I would feel SO weird finding out all by my self. Who would I jump and cheer with? haha First world problems, right!

So because of that, I told Brandon he should still do the reveal, but that we should find out the gender at the ultra sound together, then he could still do this own thing. However, as you can see, I also did my own thing! I wanted something to always remember. Which is why Edison and I headed to the beach for these gorgeous photos. Brandon was suppose to be in them, but due to work, he wasn’t able to make it!

I am so happy Edison and I were able to share this experience together.


My belly sure has sprouted this past week. I am coming up on 20 weeks this Thursday and can’t believe how just over night my belly has started to feel more full, and hard. Since the belly is sure noticeable now, I feel it is time I really start to teach and make Eddie B aware that baby sis is coming. Up until this day, I have been talking about the baby, and say that he can’t jump on me because of the baby, I will show him my belly, and just tell him about it. But he hasn’t really gotten the hint. How could he, he is two! And he is also a boy, which I hear, boys just don’t care as much as little girls. So, I have ordered a couple books on amazon about baby joining the family. Really hoping these will help him understand before the baby actually comes.

Although, I KNOW he is sensing something. That is something I do know. Considering his behavior and neediness he has expressed the past 2 months, but especially these past two weeks. He senses that change is coming, so hoping that once he understands what that change is will be a big help in his behavior.


Maxi Dress  //  Initial Necklace  // charm necklace  //  Edison’s Shirt: similar here + here  // Edison’s Pants: similar here 

xo, Camilla

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