I am so excited about today!!!
Edison and I are teaming up one of our favorites, Cheerily and representing the state we love and live in. Our lives are hugely impacted by us living in SoCal and eating all the tacos we can eat, so we feel beyond honored. Edison won’t know what to do without ever eating good Mexican food if we ever decided to leave San Diego.

It’s been such a fun process helping the design team at Cheerily to create these customizable tee’s for your children.
You can customize your limited edition Tee here!

For those of you who haven’t ever heard of Cheerily before, they are a complete customizable, modern, print shop to create onesies and tops for your littles all made of 100% cotton. You can see our other Cheerily tee’s here. Some of my favorite shirts they make are ones for making big announcements. Such a cute and clever idea.

Not only will there be customizable shirts for just California, New York (@stylemba) and Texas (@kendieveryday) are coming later this month too.
We each were able to pick things that we love about the states we live in and how they are represent and I love how each of these shirts turned out.

You can now purchase the California tees now

Texas will be available next week 7/31 and New York will be available on 8/7

We of course choose Tacos as the best way to represent California and San Diego specifically.
If you have followed me by now, then you know our love for Mexican food and Tacos. Especially at The Taco Stand.
You know I talk about it a lot when I have had a few reader DM me if they saw I was in La Jolla or Encinitas that they would “guess” or “assume” I would end up at the Taco Stand and guess what.. They are always right!!!! I also love getting tagged by any of you readers when you come to San Diego and try The Taco Stand. Makes my heart so happy!

It only felt right to shoot these Cheerily Tee’s at the one and only The Taco Stand in Encinitas. I love this fun memory me and Edison will always be able to share.

Not only were we able to help design one but TWO kids tee’s!!
This one is so much fun because it can be customized with your child’s name on it!
We wanted one of the tee’s to represent California as a whole.
You don’t have to live here to rock your child rock a Cali Tee, you just have to love California.

It is so fun to see all the best things about California wrapped in one cute kids tee. We included the Golden Gate Bridge, Hollywood sign, Disneyland, Sacramento and of course a Taco Truck!!! No brainer there!

xo Camilla

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