It’s been said before that buying and wearing cute clothing to work out in makes you feel better and makes you want to work out more.
Of course I find that very true, but I also believe in looking cute after working out too. You know, you have those errands to run, gas to pump, or quick park dates with friends. Whatever it may be you, will be looking chic and fashionable. I am especially keeping in mind these colder months we still have ahead of us, hoping that changes soon here in San Diego. But, having thicker, warmer clothing to throw on after your workout is essential to keeping your muscles warm.


tropical print jacket: Lou and Grey  |  blue sweatpants: Lou and Grey 
I am loving this top and bottom from Lou & Grey and love how it makes me feel. So much so, that I have worn this darling printed jacket everyday since I have gotten it. Too much? No way! It’s just enough to keep me warm in the early morning low temps.. These blue athleisure sweatpants from Lou & Grey are comfortable, but what sold me was this fun color. So perfect for Spring. You bet I will be wearing these at home just to look and feel good even on my days off!
xo, Camilla

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