We are enjoying all the newborn bliss now that Lucy is here with us and loving every second of it. I had completely forgotten how time consuming the newborn phase is. The very well-known phase you often hear “Eat, Sleep, Poop” couldn’t be more real and true with newborns.

Today I wanted to break down my newborn essentials to just FIVE ITEMS that I feel have made my life and Lucy’s life so much simpler and healthier too. All of these items can be found at

If you are a first time mom, or maybe a mom with a large gap between children, I highly recommend to create your baby registry. There are so many great and affordable choices to chose like diapers, clothing, bath time essentials, sleep gear and more. But, if it feels overwhelming for you, Walmart makes it so simple by sharing the top rated items to narrow down your specific registry list. It was a no brainer to have my baby registry with Walmart this last pregnancy for Lucy!


1 – Dockatot Deluxe – We use this every single day! Multiple times. Lucy sleeps in the Dockatot each night. I put it inside of our HALO Bassinest since it fits perfectly. I also pack the Dockatot around the house and lay Lucy inside of it just to insure she stays put and can’t roll.

2 –Babyganics Alcohol-Free Foaming Hand Sanitizer – I LOVE this hand sanitizer. I especially love having it around the house during that newborn phase. I keep one out in our living room so Edison can clean his hands before he wants to come and hold Lucy. It’s also great if you have any one visiting you and the baby. Lastly, I keep another one at our diaper changing station. I can’t always walk away to go wash my hands after changing a poopy diaper, so this does the trick.

3 – Medela Quick Clean MicroSteam Bags  – I loved these with Edison and love them just as much this time. I use them to sanitize bottles once a week, and now that Lucy takes pacifiers, I use them to clean and sanitize them every couple of days. These are also great to take while traveling too, to ensure no germs are left on the bottles or pacifiers.

4 – Burp Cloths – Can’t go to far without one of these!

5 –HALO SleepSack Swaddle – Another favorite that we use each night. I’ve watched countless videos of the best way to swaddle a baby and yet, every time Lucy finds her way out of them. The HALO SleepSack does the trick. The velcro secures their little arms and keeps them cozy all night long.


I recently shared a big Baby Registry Round up of all my favorites.



xo, Camilla


A special thanks to Walmart and rewardStyle for Sponsoring this post. All thoughts and words are my own.



Camilal of Navy Grace breaks down her newborn essentials list to just FIVE ITEMS found at Walmart. 5 items that make that newborn stage simplier.

Camilal of Navy Grace breaks down her newborn essentials list to just FIVE ITEMS found at Walmart. 5 items that make that newborn stage simplier.

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