It’s been awhile since I have shared a new Mom Talk Monday post with you all! But now that I feel I am starting to slowly get a hang of this new life and hopefully (fingers crossed) getting more consistent with sharing new content and posts with you, I wanted to share 13 very important postpartum essentials that I loved using this first month of having Lucy!
These 13 postpartum essentials are perfect for any new mom in that 4th trimester. I personally loved and found myself using each of these items often, but I know not all of these postpartum essentials will be for everyone.
The postpartum phase we all go through after having babies isn’t the most glamorous. But it is something ALL women go through. Of course we all have different stories when it comes to how we delivered our babies and how labor went, which I do believe does change the essentials you need during that postpartum phase. With Edison, I found I needed more in the recovery aspect. This time however, my recover wasn’t nearly as bad, so I was able to eliminate a few items.

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POSTPARTUM ESSENTIALS FOR THE NEW MOM featured by top US life and style blog, Navy Grace
POSTPARTUM ESSENTIALS FOR THE NEW MOM featured by top US life and style blog, Navy Grace

Top 13 Postpartum Essentials:

1 – Gray Lounge Top

You are home for the next 2-3 weeks, so why not look cute while your at it! I feel so much more better when I have a cute matching lounge set.

2 – Gray Lounge Joggers

Been living in this fun lounge set! I got the gray color and have been loving the short sleeve style.

3 – Hydro Flask Tumbler

I’ve shared this before, but it is because I genuinely  LOVE it! so important to stay hydrated while breastfeeding too!

4 – Hydro Flask Straw Lid

The straw lid makes all the difference!

5 – Boppy Nursing Pillow

Such a saving grace in the middle of the night while feeding! I also used this to sit on the first couple weeks when I had Edison, (tough recovery) it made sitting down more comfortable.

6 – Reusable Ice Packs

I used these non stop for the first week, relieves so much pain!

7 – Nursing Friendly House Dress

I lived in these the first two weeks! Best for sleeping in too while nursing

8 – Belly Bandit

Wore this the first month!

9 – FriddaBaby Mom Washer

This one is way better than the one they give you at the hospital.

10 – Nursing Bra

During that first month when you are mostly home, I love having a comfortable, sports bra like nursing bra. Love this one.

11 – Lanolin Nipple Ointment

Can’t say enough good things about this!

12 – Pink Lounge Top

Love this lounge set too!

13 – Pink Lounge Jogger

Comes in pink, gray, navy, and black


A few other of my maternity leave favorites include:

– A Good Netflix series to binge on!
A few good ones: Younger, and Big Little Lies are a few good dramas…and of course, The Office & Friends never get old!!

-Download a podcast or book … because endless scrolling on IG and Facebook get old!

Glow Baby App on iPhone for tracking feedings and diaper changes

Dry Shampoo – Because your hair becomes the last priority!

Solly Baby Wrap – For your sanity! That way you can have two hands to get work done around the house and to be able to spend some time with your older kids.

-And, last but not least, eyelash extensions so you feel pretty even when you don’t have the time to get ready!

POSTPARTUM ESSENTIALS FOR THE NEW MOM featured by top US life and style blog, Navy Grace

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xo, Camilla

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