You guys know I’m ALL about comfort. Especially being a mom of two little ones, I always keep comfort in mind when choosing my outfits every day, so most days you can catch me wearing some sort of athleisure wear. I absolutely love all things joggers, sweat shorts, and breathable tees. 🙌 They’re some of the comfiest clothing items to wear, and you can dress these items up or down however you’d like. One of my favorite things about athleisure is that it is a perfect combination of fashion and function, so you always look cute while staying comfortable.

Athleisure outfits can be worn just about anywhere, whether you’re running errands, or meeting some friends up for a casual day out. Because this pandemic has forced us all to stay home and work from home, athleisure has been a huge trend. So, I am sharing my top favorite tips on TIPS ON HOW TO WEAR ATHLEISURE and look chic and polished while staying as comfortable as possible. I am also including some of my favorite outfit ideas as well, and some favorite items I love to wear.


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When wearing athleisure, one of my top favorite tips is sticking to basics and neutrals. By doing so, you can later go in and add any your favorite jackets to layer on, accessories, or shoes. Stick to clean, neutral colors like white, black, grey, or tans, rather than loud prints or colors. This will help make it easier to put your outfit together.



Wearing athleisure is all about creating balance within your outfit. Combining athleisure items with regular clothes will help create a balanced look and will help make your outfit look polished and put together. Mixing athleisure items with other fabrics is also another great tip I love to incorporate when wearing athleisure. Adding a nice leather Moto jacket, or denim jacket adds a nice touch and gives it a little more of a street style look which I love.



Last but not least, my absolute favorite: accessories. This next  step is easily a favorite because I really feel like adding the right accessories to your outfit really helps put your entire outfit together. I love to throw on a cute crossbody bag like this one, it is both functional and stylish. I love how convenient it is, and how much it holds too.


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Running Errands

This outfit idea is one I absolutely love and know would be the perfect look for those busy days where you’re out running errands all day. I love pairing a simple classic tee with some comfy shorts like these. These shorts are the perfect length, they cover the booty and look very flattering. You of course need a comfortable pair of sneakers like these Nike Air Max 270’s since you’ll be on your feet all day.

The color way and style of them makes them versatile enough to wear with just about anything, and makes them the perfect sneakers for athleisure wear. Lastly, throw on a cute classic bag like this fanny pack. This one is great because it goes well with anything and holds a lot of things and is so cute!


collage of clothes white and peach clothes to show how to wear athleisure

All Day Adventure with Kids

This outfit is one I probably wear most days, especially on days where the kids and I go to the zoo or go on adventures together. It keeps me comfortable all day while i’m out with the kids, and keeps me cool as well. I would first pair a casual, neutral tee with a pair of neutral colored joggers, and a pair of white sneakers.

Next, I’ll throw on my favorite Lululemon belt bag that I have been absolutely loving, it holds everything I need, and can be worn across the body or as a belt bag. It’s the perfect addition to your athleisure collection.



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Travel Look

This last look is perfect for travel days. It’s comfy, casual, and easy. Match your favorite neutral colored long sleeve t shirt, black joggers, or your favorite pair of black leggings, and casual sneakers like these. Next, accessorize with a bag like this fanny pack that will come in handy while you’re going through the airport, and will hold everything you need.


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