I have been using this T3 Whirl Trio for about 8 months now and I have yet to go back to my regular clamp curling iron. Not only is it the most chic curling iron on the market but the curls tend to hold days longer too. Ever since I moved to California from St. George Utah I noticed a huge change in my hairs ability (or lack there of) to hold curl. Moving from a dry desert climate to humidly made it so I was having to curl my hair every single day because my hair could hold the curl for longer than 6 hours. If I went anywhere near the coast you wouldn’t be surprised to see me with flat hair! I thought my hair was a loss hope. That is, until I was introduced to this T3 Whirl Trio. I wasn’t expecting this curling iron to be any different than the one I had or have the curls lasting for several hours. So to say I was quite shocked that the curl held up for several days took me by surprise. Yes days!!!! I usually try to only wash my hair once a week, sometimes twice if needed. But it has been the easiest thing not having to touch up my curls every day. Especially now that I’m a new mama!

Follow along for a step by step pictorial guide on how I get my everyday beach wave curls

I alway start by sectioning my hair off into 4 sections divided horizontally across my head. 
Starting just below my ears I run my fingers on either side of my ears and meet in the middle of the back of my head to separate my hair. I clip the remaining hair of top of my head so it’s out of the way. 
After I complete the first both section, I part my hair again about 2 inches above my ears.
I take 1 inch sections of my hair and wrap my hair around the wand, going in the direction away from my face. 
When twisting each section of hair around the wand, I aways make sure to leave  a half inch to and inch from every touching the heat of the wand. (basically the part of the hair you are holding – pictured above)
This is the key to a beach wave look. You don’t want the ends of your hair to be too curly. Sometimes you can even run a straightener over the ends of your hair to really make sure they are straight! 
When I am ready to curl the back of my head. I alternate the curl direction in different directions. Some away from my face, and some towards my face. It helps the hair to blend better in the back. 
Above is the amount of hair I section off to curl each time 
Hold the hair on wand for about 5 seconds for fine hair, and 7 for thicker hair
After finishing all sections I let me hair set before brushing it out for about 5 minutes. During this time I am either brushing my teeth, putting shoes on, or last minute makeup touches.
Because my hair is extra fine, using just my fingers alone will separate my curls. If your hair is more coarse try using a paddle brush for same result.
I always finish off with back combing my roots near my center part. 
Then I spray my entire head with hairspray to help keep the curls all day!

Be sure to watch today on my IG Stories a live tutorial of me demonstrating this curl.

xo, Camilla

Photography by Arielle Levy ​​​

Thank you to T3 for contributing to this post. All thoughts and words are my own


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  1. Natali
    April 7, 2017 / 11:51 am

    Thos kind of curls really suit you beautifully! I like your floral embroidered top very much. 🙂

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