When it comes to makeup, skin care, and self care products there is always something for everyone. Beauty products are one of the easiest things to gift any Holiday season. For friends that loves makeup or a mom, sister in law, sister, co worker, whoever, anyone can appreciate some new goodies or even some something to make packing for traveling simpler. I have selected a few of my favorite beauty finds that I think are the best beauty gift ideas and ones that I personally love and use, and other that are on my personal wish list this holiday season.

Another huge reason I love giving beauty products as gifts is because it’s easy! I seem to have a few holiday parties with friends this year with fun gift exchanges and of course favorite things parties, I love that I can gift one of my favorite beauty products and know that others will love it too. See below for my list of the best beauty gifts to give this holiday season.




THE BEST BEAUTY GIFT IDEAS by popular California beauty blog, Navy Grace: image of a woman using a Personal Microderm Tool.


THE BEST BEAUTY GIFT IDEAS by popular California beauty blog, Navy Grace: collage image of a beauty blender, personal microderm tool, microneedling regeneration set, makeup brushes set, Tula skin care products, Billie razor, and glossier skin care products. THE BEST BEAUTY GIFT IDEAS by popular California beauty blog, Navy Grace: collage image of a rose quarts roller, Collen Rothschild cream, microfiber towels, T3 curling iron, face razor, personalized travel case, and too faced gingerbread eyeshadow pallet.


1- Bath Salts – My favorite bath salts!

2- Checkered Cosmetic Bag – This is such a great find. It’s under $25 and fits so much makeup inside. I personally love using mine while traveling and the quality has so far help up nicely!

3- Tula Rose Glow and Get it Stick – If you aren’t on the Tula train, you have got to be. This is one of my very favorite products from them. It keeps the skin under your eyes glowing and fresh. Use code NAVYGRACE for 20% off your purchase.

4- Pack of 5 Beauty Sponges – I recently shared these in my Amazon Purchases and I am still obsessed with the quality of these beauty sponges. They are under $15 and it comes in a back of 5! That is such a good deal. You could get them and add them to stockings or even part of any Favorite Thing party you will be attending this Holiday season.

5- Personal Microderm Tool – I have been using this weekly for a few months now and seriously love the results I have seen. I use mine as soon as I get out of the shower with an already clean face.

6- Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palette – One of my very favorite eyeshadow palettes. I wear this daily. It has the prettiest orangey tones.

7- Cover FX Highlighter and Bronzer Palette – Another everyday favorite. I love that you can create an everyday look or go all out and be glam!

8- Glossier Trio – I’ve been using this trio from Glossier for over a year now and love it. I will alternate between the 3 throughout the week but use it both morning and night.

9- PMD Clean Pro Rose Quartz Tool – This is such a good buy. I have had it for about 8 months now and use it daily in the mornings as I wash my face in the shower.

10- Spongelle Bath Loofa – If you aren’t using Spongelle, you should be. I love all their products. Another great “favorite things” gift.

11- Jaclyn Hill Eyeshadow Brushes – From what I have heard, these eyeshadow brushes are amazing. I don’t personally own them, but think I need to get them and see how amazing they are for myself.

12- Tula Face Sheet Mask – Another great favorite!!

13- Beauty Bio– Glo Pro Microneedeling Tool – This is one of my newest beauty tools and I am already blown away! The results I have seen are amazing. Worth every penny!

14- Tula Travel Face Kit – If you love Tula, or know of someone who loves Tula too. This is a great gift to give. I use everything inside this kit and love it all.

15- Too Faced Gingerbread Eyeshadow Palette – Such pretty tones and colors.

16- Wander Eye Masks –  These gold eye masks are magic! Especially for tired mamas! They hide those dark circles.

17- T3 Curling Iron – I converted solely to T3 products about 3 or 4 years ago and can only say amazing things about every single product. Their curling irons hold the curls better than any other curling iron I have used in the past.

18- Billie Razor – The best razor I have used. Not only is it amazing, but I love the magnetic holder too.

19- Foreo Facial Cleanser Brush – This is on my list this Christmas. I have heard great things about this cleaner brush and want to give it a try.

20- Living Proof Dry Shampoo – If you have followed me for awhile, then you would know that this is by far my favorite dry shampoo out there.

21- Hair Towel/Turban – I was gifted this several years ago by my mom, and I use it every time I wash my hair. It is so great and gentle on your hair.

22-  Beauty Bio Rose Quartz Facial Roller – It was time I updated my facial roller that I was using. I decided to try out the Beauty Bio Rose Quartz facial roller and am shocked by the amazing quality.

23- Face Razor – A great stocking stuffer gift. Good for cleaning up the stache 🙂 or in between your eyebrows.

24- The Daily Edited Personalized Travel Case – Just got these gifted to me from The Daily Edited and can’t wait to use them on our upcoming traveling. I love that you can personalize them too.

25- Colleen Rothschild Hair Mask – I got this hair mask back in April and think it is so great. I use it monthly to help keep my hair strong and moisturized.

26- Face Microfiber Towels  – It was time I finally designated towels as my nightly facial towels to clean my face with. I have loved using microfiber towels since they are super gentle on my face and dry overnight.



THE BEST BEAUTY GIFT IDEAS by popular California beauty blog, Navy Grace: image of a woman holding a rose quartz facial roller.

THE BEST BEAUTY GIFT IDEAS by popular California beauty blog, Navy Grace: image of a personal microderm tool.THE BEST BEAUTY GIFT IDEAS by popular California beauty blog, Navy Grace: image of a woman using a personal microderm tool.


xo, Camilla

Which of these best beauty gift ideas do you like the most? Share in a comment below!


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