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I can’t believe I am already sharing about great toys for two year olds. It felt like just yesterday I shared a gift guide for great toys for 1 year olds. You can see that post here!

The best toys for two year olds. Camilla of Navy Grace shares what toys she loves and shares with her soon to be two year old toddler!
Edison will be two so soon and it got me thinking and planning ahead as to what I should gift him this year. His birthday and Christmas are only 1 month apart so I like to plan out my top toy choices I feel like will help him develop skills as well as ones he would love. I do this that way I can divide the toys up between the two occasions and not go all out for both of them. Because let’s just say we did that for his first birthday and the following Christmas.

Each day while playing with Edison, I always try to mix things up with different kind of plays, we play with trains, cars, then move to reading, coloring, playing outside, then of course let Edison play on his own with which results in cars or trains again. We then always try to do a developmental activity with a puzzle or blocks, something to help with this hand eye coordination. Of course, not everyday is this perfect. But I do try to mix our days up!

Even if you don’t have any toddlers, I hope you find this post helpful as a gift guide!


The best toys for two year olds. Camilla of Navy Grace shares what toys she loves and shares with her soon to be two year old toddler!The best toys for two year olds. Camilla of Navy Grace shares what toys she loves and shares with her soon to be two year old toddler!


The best toys for two year olds. Camilla of Navy Grace shares what toys she loves and shares with her soon to be two year old toddler!


The best toys for two year olds. Camilla of Navy Grace shares what toys she loves and shares with her soon to be two year old toddler!


1 .  Play Doh  – A child must. Edison plays with Play Doh and of course although more skills will come with age, it is still fun for him to feel and pull apart

2 . Farm Play set  – I have been wanting to get Edison a farm set, since he now is so familiar with farm animal noises, having them as toys is a great way for him to learn the animals names and noises.

3. Water Wow Coloring – We have been using these since 1 year old. They are so great, and fun. I even catch myself amused by it.

4. Animal Toy Figures  – I think I need to order these again. We had these and somehow have misplaced them. But a older boy the other day at church handed Edison a few small animal toy figures and he was having so much fun.

5. Foam Swords – Having battles with your toddler is honestly so much fun and harmless.

6. Rocker – A classic toy every kid needs

7. Backpack – This is a new favorite for Edison and I can only see him growing to love it more as he ages. But what kid doesn’t.

8. Sports Balls – It’s either a car or a ball in Edison’s hand at all times. Such a boy toy!

9. Broom and Dust Toys – Edison has started to show so much interest in helping me out around the house and I think he needs his own broom and dust set!

10. Food Toys – To go along with the Kitchen Play Set

11. Hero Cape – Such a good activity for both boys and girls. Watching them run down around the house in a cape is the cutest thing

12. Mess Free Coloring Books – Edison goes to our cupboard on a daily basis and brings out this coloring book and markers to color. He loves them!

13. Kitchen Play Set – We have a perfect space in our breakfast nook that I have planned on putting a kitchen play set. Every kid needs one of these.

14. Small Train Track Set – You all know how much of a hit the train is at our house. This was the first train track we got and it is a good one for starters.

15. Large Train Track –  We upgraded to a larger train track, we actually combined the two tracks together for of course, more fun!!

16. Thomas the Train – No words needed!!! This train is still one of Edison’s favorites and I am sure will continue to be a top toy for quite some time.

17. Lightening McQueen Car – I find it funny how naturally boys gravitate toward cars. This one is Edison’s top choice of the moment.

18. Train Table – This is one toy I keep debating on getting Edison. But this is one I really hope to get for his 2nd birthday. Since he loves trains so much, this would keep him so entertained for a long time!!!

19. Tall Car Race Track – Edison plays with one of these at church, and it keeps him entertained for so long. Fun for multiple kids to do together.

20. Race Car Track – Thinking this is a great alternative since it is more affordable.

21. Smart Stages Blue Car – We got this for Edison last Christmas. He was 13 months and still loves using and playing in it!

22. Hot Wheels Cars – A boy and his cars!! Edison get’s so excited when he see’s that his dad brought him home a new hot wheels car!

23. Tool Set – Since having trains, we are constantly changing out batteries. As a result Edison see’s us using a screwdriver and will go find them in the drawer to “change” the batteries. It is the cutest thing. So I think him having his own tool set is what he needs.

24. Dump Truck Toy –  We have a few dump trucks and they are always being played with.

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1 . Strider Balance Bike – We have this, and it is such a fun outdoor activity to do. Great training bike before a peddle bike

2. Scooter – These tree wheeled scooters seem like so much fun. A friend of mine has convinced me we need one for Edison. Her little boy learned how to scoot before walking!!!

3. Basketball Hoop – We got this for Edison and is so much fun. We keep it outside on our porch great for hand eye coordination skills.

4. Ride On Powered Car – We have two of these. So fun for when friends come over.

5. Water Table – Such a great activity for Spring and Summer

6. Slide – I think Edison would love this!!

7. PlasmaCar – This ride on toy is always highly suggested to me. Great for kids of all ages.

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1 . Shape Puzzle – One of the activities I do daily to help Edison with his developmental skills.

2. Building Blocks – Great for 1 year olds and up. I think these are a good toy to keep around for your kids as they can continue to grow with them.

3. Magformers Magnetic Building – I don’t have these for Edison, but have heard great things about them.

4. Vehicle Puzzle – Another fun puzzle

5. Shape Sorter – We do this activity often too! I first started by letting Edison put all the shapes in the top where all shapes fit. Now, I help guide him to the color and he put it in himself. Soon enough he will be able to do it solo.

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The best toys for two year olds. Camilla of Navy Grace shares what toys she loves and shares with her soon to be two year old toddler!

xo Camilla

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Toys that Match your Style! 

After having a kid or several kids you would understand that your once perfectly neat, put-together home is now a child’s playground. With several bright-colored, loud toys scattered around every room in the house. I am excited to be partnering with Pottery Barn Modern Baby to share a few toys that I don’t want to hide before guests come over. Ones that are trendy and complement my own personal style. 

One of my favorite things we got from Pottery Barn Modern Baby is the Mongolian Fur Rocker, which is literally the cutest thing all by itself, but even cuter with little Eddie Boy rocking back and forth on it with the biggest grin on his face. He loves the texture of the fur and, of course, the fun ride. 

We have always been huge fans of Finn and Emma and adored their cute toys for children. Since Edison has outgrown the play gym we have moved on to their Big Buddy hand-knit, which is made in Peru out of organic cotton. We love the softness of it, as well as the cuteness level. Edison is slowly becoming more of a stuffed animal lover and adores looking at them.


One of my favorite things about these toys is that they can work for anyone. They would even make a great baby shower gift. I know it can be super hard to find something to gift a new mom. But finding something that is cute and functional is always the way to go!


xo, Camilla