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Today I wanted to talk a little more about the way I save money while keeping up with trends! 
Trends are always coming and going so quickly that it is always tough to decide which designer pieces you want to splurge on.  You can find almost anywhere an affordable ‘knock-off’ version of  the designer item you are craving. 
My secret is to purchase the best knock-off I can find. I really like to search around a lot before I even buy the knock off (because let’s be honest, there are some very cheaply made knock-offs). 
You can always get a feel for the item even if it is the less expensive version, if it is similar enough. If you are finding that you are having a difficult time matching or pairing your accessory to an outfit that you were SURE you “had to have” then it wouldn’t be worth the money spending 3 or 4 times as much on the designer piece, and you just saved yourself a few hundred dollars. But, If I still love the knock-off version a month or two later, then thats when I know I would love to have the designer piece. Why? because designer pieces typically are better quality and made with care. They will always last longer, especially the handbags because mostly all are made from leather.
To some of you, this may seem silly and a waste of money. But it has always worked for me! A couple years ago, I felt that I wanted the Hobo wallet, but felt I couldn’t make the commitment on the price point just yet. I found a very similar knock-off version while shopping at a local boutique. I used the knock-off version and quickly fell in love with the style and layout! However, the knock-off was lacking a few extra card pockets, and zippers that I knew would be vert convenient and was getting very worn. After that, I was ready to make the big purchase of the real Hobo! 
About a year ago I felt that I just had to have a pair of the Tory Burch ballerina flats with the gold buckle! Adorable right? Well, I decided to make the splurge and felt completely happy with my decision. It wasn’t until I received them in the mail and started wearing them everyday, or at least tried to wear them every day! They are the most uncomfortable shoes I have ever purchased. My heart was broken. They were the most expensive pair I had ever dropped money on, and the only pair of shoes that never got worn! It just didn’t seem right spending all that money to have my feel ache. Let’s just say I learned the lesson the hard way, and shh! don’t tell my husband they hurt my feet 🙂 

I have found that the best places for finding “knock-off” versions of handbags, and shoes are at Forever 21 or H&M. I feel they are the best quality for the cost. 

xoxo, Camilla 

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