Today I wanted to show my Top 5 favorite.. you guessed it MOM JEANS!!! 
I had a lot of you ask about these jeans that I am wearing in this photo, so I decided to show all of my other favorite Mom Jeans as of lately. 
I love the change up that Mom Jeans offer compared to the typical boyfriend jean and high waisted skinnies. A little bit of a more feminine feel from the high waist. Sure you might feel a little bit silly at first, but rock them.. and rock them hard!!! 
1. Asos – This pair is currently on it’s way to me!! 
2. Forever 21 
3. Topshop
4. Missguided 
5. Asos 

I also just purchased this pair too, and they are SO comfortable!!
What I love most about each of these 5 pairs of jeans is they are all affordable and well under $100. 
When trying new trends I usually stick with something that is on the cheaper side incase that trend isn’t for me I’m not upset for dropping a load of cash. 

Stay Tuned for next weeks Saturday Top Five! 

​xo, Camilla


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