Western boots were taking over New York Fashion Week this Fall. It’s so fun to see a trend you grew up with back on trend. But, literally, my dream was to be a rodeo queen as I practiced my barrel racing on our family horse growing up. I have owned a few pairs of western boots, but I’ll admit it has been a few long years since I have owned any. This new trend is super exciting for me. Since I don’t personally own a pair just yet, I wanted to share a few of my favorite looks with the new Western Boots that made an appearance at NYFW.

I actually wanted to find a pair of western boots to complete one of my looks I wore at NYFW. (this look here) But, at the time, I couldn’t find any dark brown ones I loved. Since I have last looked, I feel several retailers have now released their western boots and there are now several to choose from. This is the pair I plan to order. This is my second runner up! Lastly, this pair is a good transition bootie that doesn’t scream total western, a good day to day bootie that I think I need too! I prefer the grey colored ones.

Western Boots are taking over this Fall and made a major apperance all over at NYFW. Camilla of Navy Grace is currently on the hunt for new western boots and focused her top five worth buying@wannabefashionblogger @happilygrey


Rebecca Minkoff White boots – My friend Tamryn had these at Fashion week and I LOVE them. The white color is so good, plus the height of these are exactly what I am looking for.

Topshop Midi Black boots – Second runner up in my opinion. I love the style and height of this pair too!

Botkier Metallic Short Booties – This is a fun pair to step your foot into the western boot trend. It’s bold, but still looks like an average short bootie.

Splendid Studded Black Short Booties –  Another great pair to buy before going all out and having a midi height that screams more western! Which is what I love, but I know not everyone is ready for that step.

Calvin Klein Teal Booties – Such a fun color!



Yellow Lily Top – Such a 90’s styled top. The color is so good for Fall too

Gingham Wrap Dress – Have this dress and really do love it and wear it often. See how I styled it here. 

Orange and Teal Vans – Loving both of these colors so much for Fall right now

Ruffled Sweater – This is a good classic sweater, and so feminine

Tassel Cardigan – Loving the shape and length of this sweater.



Rebecca Minkoff Metallic Fanny Pack – I am obsessed with this fanny so much!

Camo Crop Jacket – Loving the bright pink in this jacket. Such a fun crop style too

Camo Green Sweater – Camo is EVERYWHERE right now, this sweater is definitely one I need to get.

90’s Styled Belt – These belts are coming back! Loving this dark brown color

 Wranger Sweater – To go along with today’s western boot theme.



Nike Air Max 95 sneakers – Got these in the grey and love them!

Chloé Dupe Initial Necklace – I got the letter “C”. But am now wanting the “E”. I love how affordable this necklace is compared to the Chloé which is almost $500.

Biker Shorts – I will admit to running to every store at our local mall here before jetting off to Fashion Week. I found one pair, one I didn’t love, but it worked. Ordered these because they are exactly what I was looking for.

Circle Adjustable Necklace – Actually got this last week, but still feel it’s good enough to share. I love this necklace because it can be worn as a choker and worn as a mid length necklace too.

Moonlit Charm Necklace – Because I have been getting asked about my necklace stack situation, I thought I would share this one too.



Thomas the Train –  I would have never guessed how many question I have received about this train set!! I find it hilarious, but also so fun. So, I felt like sharing all the trains we own right now.

Thomas the Train Small Train Track – My husband combined both of these train sets into one larger one. The reason he did this was so it was an infinity track instead of having a dead end.

Thomas the Train Larger Train Track

Harvey Train



Tiered Spice Rack for Drawer – I shared a little brief on my stories how I love these spice rack organizers. I alphabetize mine and find is so easy to grab the spice you are looking for. Also great when a new recipe calls for a spice and it makes it simple to see if you already own it.

Rubber Spice Rack for Drawer – I use these for the spices that are a bit larger. They help so the spices don’t roll around in the drawer.

Bakeware Organizer – I also shared this week how I love our build in bakeware organizers. I found these, that would work for your kitchen if you have a taller cabinet.

Free Standing Tub – ON SALE!! I have shared this before, but wanted to share it again since it is currently on sale!! Such a good price if you are in the market!

Brass Knobs on Edison’s Dresser – I get asked often about Edison’s Dresser. The dresser is from Ikea, but I switched out the knobs with these ones.


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xo, Camilla

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