Today I wanted to show all of my favorite summer shirt dresses. 
I chose to dedicate the post to this mainly because after I bought this dress (pictured above) at Zara, I knew I would want to wear it every day, so I decided I needed to find a few others that I can trade off with.  I also decided to show 5 of my top favorite maternity shirt dresses as well! 

My favorite thing about shirt dresses is they are usually light weight and something you can dress down or dress up for a fun dinner with friends. 

1. Topshop
2. Asos  
3. Asos 
4. Urban Outfitters 
5. Topshop 

Top Five Maternity
1. Asos
2. Topshop
3. Asos 
4. H&M 
5. Old Navy (on sale!)

It may be a little obvious how many of these favorites came from Asos. I always resort to them during the summer and when I am on the hunt for cute modest dresses. They always got you covered! 

xo, Camilla

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