So I basically don’t know what I would do without my high waisted jeans, Especially those with distressed holes in the knees
I barley survived pregnancy without them and made sure to get do everything to wear them again as soon as possible. 
Funny story about these pants above, I bought them shortly before finding out I was pregnant. I loved them so much and felt that they were so affordable. Only problem was that I could fit in them, but was so uncomfortable. If you have been pregnant, you know that ANYTHING on your belly is so uncomfortable. So I only wore them about 2 times. 
As I was cleaning out my closet a few days ago I found them after forgetting all about them and couldn’t believe that I was able to do the zipper up. So yes these jeans have been on major repeat. They also come in 2 other colors and I am thinking I need them both. Especially for that price! 

1. Asos (pictured above)
2. Free People – loving the grey
3. Asos (same as above, different color) 
4. Levi’s – have these too!
5. Nordstrom

​xo, Camilla 


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