Today I wanted to show my top five favorite graphic tees. 

1. Forever 21 
2. Urban Outfitters 
3. Asos 
4. Forever 21 
5. Urban Outfitters 

I just recently posted about this tee above here and explained in that post how I always gravitate towards a graphic tee on days where I find it hard to find something to wear. I love the versatility that a good graphic tee can do. You can dress it up and wear a pair of boyfriend jeans with a statement pair of heels and handbag. Or be as casual as you want to be. 
I love making purchases on items that I know I can get a lot of use of them. So that is why graphic tee’s makes the most sense for me! 

My favorite place to find good graphic tee’s is Urban Outfitters. I’ll let you in on a little secret too. They ALWAYS have a way better selection of tops online vs. in store. I am so excited to tell you that my favorite shirt from Urban Outfitters is back in stock. See it here

​xo, Camilla


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