I decided to compile a list with all of our favorite San Diego restaurants we love to eat at, and probably too often!
I get dm messages from several of you each month saying that you are traveling to San Diego and would love to know the best places to eat, things to do etc. So be on the look out for more San Diego guides this year. I am someone who loves and trusts people’s personal opinions that I know, or virtually know and would rather try the things they recommend, so I hope this is helpful to those of you locals, or people traveling here this year!


Located in Little Italy

I always get the Coop Deville chicken sandwich and it is hands down the best thing ever.
Make sure to get some fries on the side to share with a friend or spouse. All seating is outside, just one more perk to San Diego. The outside atmosphere is so much fun giving you lots of options for when you are stuffed to the brim. Work off that meal by playing Corn Hole or taking photos with the GIANT chicken! We’ve all done it!

Located in Kearny Mesa

San Diego sure expanded my taste buds. This was the first place I had tried Ramen and it is amazing!!
Be sure to show up hungry not starving, because there is always a wait and a long one too especially on weekends.
I typically get Tajima Ramen from the signature selection. Can’t go wrong with something basic.
If you have never heard of Ramen before, I’m sure you are probably imagining Top Ramen. Right? well yes, it basically is like gourmet top ramen.

Located in Downtown San Diego

We are sushi lovers over, and boy was it hard not to eat any while I was pregnant. It was my first requested meal after having Edison!
However I am not someone who loves too much raw meat on mine. So here are a few favorites
Red Dragon, Crunchy Roll, Spicy Tuna, Mama Mia, and Fire Fire


Located in Point Loma

If you are one who loves fresh seafood, this market is just the place for you. You can go there to purchase fresh meat to take home, or dine in like we typically do and enjoy the view overlooking the harbor. I love to get the fish n’ chips, or you can’t go wrong with the Fish or shrimp tacos.


Located in Point Loma

Again, another first for me, but we can now saw we love Cuban food and love going here any time we find our selves on this side of town.
My husband and I usually order the Key West salad combination and the Cubano sandwich and usually just share them both between the two of us.


Located in several locations in San Diego

If you love sandwiches and wraps, this place will be your new favorite! We always take visitors here for lunch.
My personal favorite is the Turkado. Sometimes I order mine with cream cheese instead of the pepper jack cheese and it is so good. Make sure to dip it in the homemade sauce!​


Located in Hillcrest

Call me boring but I always order a pepperoni pizza when I come to Bronx. It is just too good! Enjoy taking a pizza home for the family, or enjoying by the slice while dining in. Just make sure to bring cash. It is cash only!!


Located in Gaslamp in Downtown San Diego

​Be prepared for a gut bomb meal.. but I promise you it’s totally worth it!! We usually mix it up when we order. But always get the mac and cheese and loaded fries. Here are our favorites. The Main Event or the The Mash and All In or San Diego Fries
Make sure to share too because the portions are huge!


Located in Old Town

We love sushi, but have now had to find new favorite places around San Diego after our recent rat story at another local stop. It sure took us about 6 months to eat sushi again, but we always say Harney Sushi is at the top of our list.


located in Pacific Beach

Hands down the best french toast I have ever eaten! It is amazing and I think I need to venture there this week to go and get some!
I have also had the Eggs Benedict and love it too!

Located in La Jolla near the Cove

I have two favorites at this breakfast/brunch restaurant the Carne Asada Benedict and Chilaquiles are my top choices!!
I also had a friend order the Cinnamon Roll Pancakes and she really loved them!
I love this place because it has such a gorgeous view of La Jolla Cove. It’s a fun place to go eat before heading down and look at all the seals. I will admit, if it is a breezy day, I suggest sitting inside. The wind can carry the stinky seal smell to the restaurant. But if it is a clear day, be sure to sit outside and enjoy the view!

Located in La Jolla

Of course I have to add in a few of my favorite dessert places because it’s always on my mind.
This Gelato place in La Jolla is one of my favorites. The flavors are so good and their customer service is fabulous. i love the Coconut flavor and Stracciatella. They also have several very natural flavors that are so yummy too!


Petersen’s Donut Corner
Located in Escondido

If you have followed me on my IG stories than you know how much we go and love Petersen’s Donuts. It is a super convenient location for us since we live in North Escondido, but it’s also because they are so delicious. Don’t let this photo fool you, these donuts are the size of your face! Brandon and I made the mistake of ordering 4 donuts for us (thinking of Krispie Kream and we can usually pound 2 each) But here at Petersen’s we both only ate half of one each. So massive!!!


Located in San Marcos

This is one of our other favorite local places to go and especially when we have a group of us. It is sure hidden from most of the roads, but is always busy! We love it because it has a bowling alley, life size Jenga, Horseshoes, Bocce Ball and more activities you can play while waiting for your food or just all night long. My absolute favorite thing to order is the Beef Short Rib Burger. It is life changing you guys!! So amazing. It reminds me of one of my favorite LA places we eat at, but this one is only 15 minutes from my house!!

Several locations in San Diego

This isn’t just a local to San Diego, but all of California. We really love this place because it’s a good quick lunch that is healthy and very filling.
Here are our favorites: Backyard Marinated Steak Plate, Fried Chicken Plate with either the Baby Arugla Salad or Tender Greens Salad and Mashed Potatoes or Cauliflower.
Backyard Steak Salad, Salt and Pepper Chicken Sandwich. Their drinks are also so good!


Several locations but we love the one in Little Italy

Anywhere in Little Italy is amazing, we stumbled upon this place with family and had such a fun time here! Brandon love’s their Lasagna with the giant Meatball.
One tip if you go to the Little Italy location, they have a special parking lot which is amazing because parking in Little Italy, or downtown in general on the weekend can get a bit crazy!


Located in Pacific Beach

Need I say my favorite..  The picture alone let’s you know that this place has to be a must on your dessert stops in San Diego.
I really do love just the plain original one, but I wouldn’t turn down fun toppings either!


Several locations – Our favorite is in La Jolla

Another Favorite that isn’t just a local to San Diego. It can be found in other cities in California too. It is a brewery, and even though we don’t drink we go just for the food because it is really amazing! Here is what we order: Spicy Hummus and Flat Bread Appetizer, BBQ Tostada Salad, Piggy Bank or the Norm from the Mac on Tap menu, Farmhouse or Homegrown burgers!
Karl Strauss is mostly known for their Mac on Tap which are so good!


Located in Carlsbad

We actually stayed here at the Cape Rey Hotel where Chandler’s is located, but we keep going back! It’s that good!
Here are our favorites: Lobster + Shrimp Nachos, Lobster + Rock Shrimp Tacos, Cape’s Cobb Salad, and the Fish and Chips!


Located in Carlsbad

We have actually only been for breakfast.. but it was so good I felt I still needed to share with you. It wasn’t your typical breakfast though.
Here is what we ordered: Breakfast Pizza (pictured above), Chilaquiles, and Breakfast Burrito!


Located in Rancho Bernardo

Another San Diego must! This is one of our regulars because it is so good! We just get the plain Pulled Pork sandwich with a side of fries. Be sure to order their ranch dressing to dip your fries in. Also, the portions are huge and you will have leftover pulled pork (everything that fell off your sandwich) for later. There is also another location in San Marcos


Located in Point Loma or Little Italy Saturday Farmer’s Market

Need I say more.. Cookies! Here are our favorites: Lemon Bar, Rosemary Balsamic, Almond Joyus and the Taro!


Located in Pacific Beach

This dessert place is the perfect food pleaser for everyone in your group. Cookies, and Ice cream! Our favorite. I am simple and get the Chocolate Chip Cookies with Cookie Dough ice cream! It’s yummy!



If you noticed, I didn’t include a single Mexican food restaurant, THAT’S BECAUSE… I am saving it for a separate post. Clearly, Mexican food is our favorite here in San Diego and it deserves it’s own blog post! So stay tuned for that one coming soon!


I really hope you found this food guide helpful!
I would love to know your favorite local restaurants you eat at!


All photos used for today’s post were found on Yelp.


xo, Camilla


  1. January 25, 2018 / 10:42 pm

    Omg!!!! Some of my faves!!! Love fig tree cafe, cravory, phil’s, crack shack! Yummy!! I’ll have to try some of these places I haven’t been to before!! Thanks for sharing Camilla!!

    Xo, Steph

  2. Carolyn
    January 26, 2018 / 12:22 am

    My friend and i loved seersucker in the gas lamp when we visited San Diego 🙂

  3. January 26, 2018 / 7:29 am

    OMGGGG!!! This makes me want to go to San Diego just to eat! 😍😍😍

  4. Brianna Dawson
    February 18, 2018 / 9:11 pm

    My mom is here and these are great ideas!! I feel like I need to plan date nights around these restaurants, they look so yummy!

    • Camilla
      February 19, 2018 / 1:04 pm

      Yes!! take your mom to them and let me know how you like them! I agree more date nights focused around food!! 🙂

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