How many times did you order from Amazon this week?
Between both Brandon and I, we have ordered maybe 5 or 6 different times JUST this week alone! And I’m not even sure how many of those orders were car parts for Brandon 😮
Our love for Amazon runs deep in our household. Which is why I wanted to share our most recent Amazon favorites with you all today. Over 40 items!!!

You can find us ordering just about anything off of Amazon. From food, baby goods, diapers, electronics, toys and activities for Edison, clothing, decorations, and SO much more. The past two years, we have been able to find almost everything we need to complete our halloween costumes too.

It really is a one stop shop for everyone, our favorite feature is that almost everything is shipped within just 2 days!!! It really doesn’t get any better than that. If we are close to running out of some particular item, I would so much rather place a quick order on Amazon than pack the kids in the car and run to the store. I am ALL about simplifying my life these days.
You can check out my Amazon Storefront Page HERE and shop a few other favorites.



Recent Amazon Buys | RECENT AMAZON FAVORITES by popular California life and style blog, Navy Grace: image of an English Bulldog sitting in the front entryway of a home.

Recent Amazon Buys | RECENT AMAZON FAVORITES by popular California life and style blog, Navy Grace: collage image of various items you can purchase on Amazon.

RECENT AMAZON FAVORITES by popular California life and style blog, Navy Grace: collage image of various items you can purchase on Amazon.


Amazon Favorites

1- Pack of 5 Beauty Blenders – I thought this deal was too good to be true. It’s only $13 and you get 5 beauty blenders. I have been using them for over a week and really do love them. I was pretty picky about what blenders I was using and the cost of my old one was $14. So these are an amazing deal and great quality.

2- Child Life Multi-Vitamin Supplement – I started giving this multi-vitamin supplement to Edison 4-5 months ago. He doesn’t eat any gummy candies or fruit snacks and this was the only way I could get vitamins into his diet. I generally add it to his milk or smoothie.

3- Grow and Thrive Probiotics – I recently started to give Lucy Probiotics and you can read HERE why

4- Smelly Cat Baby Onesie – This is for all my Friends tv show lovers out there! I mean, how cute is little Lucy in this.

5- Home Body Book – I got this to add onto my coffee table. You can see how it looks HERE

6- Kidz Superfood Nutritional Shake – As I mentioned above, you have probably picked up on the fact that Edison is a picky eater. I have been adding this into his milk for “chocolate milk” once a day to give him the fruits and veggies that he won’t even touch.

7- Pack of 4 Lighters – Tis’ candle lighting season! We need one of these in several rooms in our home

8- Hair Waver – I got this waver a few months back and still love and use it weekly. You can watch HERE how I style my hair with it.

9- Makeup Bag – Only $9!!! It is such a good deal and great quality. Love that you can use it for gifts or things other than makeup

10- HALO Sleepsack Swaddle – Although I just transitioned Lucy out of the swaddle last week, I still wanted to include this swaddle since I got asked about it all the time. We loved it and kept her arms my her sides the entire night.

11- I Spy Everything Book – Edison has been loving these types of books. We actually bought this one as a gift for our neighbor.

12- Leopard Apple Watch Band – My sister gifted this to me and it has been a fun little way to change my apple watch band to a fun print.

13- Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides – I just shared a Protein recipe where I add Collagen. You can see it HERE

14- Bike Shorts – I have boughten a few pairs of the biker shorts and love this compression pair the most. Sucks in everything!

15 – Coloring Roll – Every time I show Edison coloring on this roll I get asked about it. It is so much fun for kids and makes for great gifts too.

16- Yoga Mat – Since I have been working out at home, I wanted a yoga mat. You can see which at-home workouts I have been following HERE

17- Shark Kite – Got this over a month ago and have yet to use it. Can’t wait for a windy day to go fly a kite with Edison.

18- Faux Plant – Added this faux plant to our entry way. You can see how it looks in the photo below.

19- Baby Floral Dress – How adorable is this and only $10!!

20- Folex Carpet Cleaner – I love this stuff. Gets out stains in the carpet so well.

21- Toddler Pajamas – These jammies are great. Size up one size so there is room for your child to grow.

22- The Little Red Caboose Book – Every once in a while Brandon will order Edison a book off Amazon, and this was is recent choice.

23- Blush Lounge Pants – Best lounge pants ever! I got these while I was still pregnant and wore them non stop.

24- Blush Top – I paired the pants above with this top.

25- BabyGanics Alchohol Free Wipes – I’ve been using these since Edison was a baby. We still use the often and have them on our Amazon subscription plan.

26- Kids Elderberry Syrup – Another supplement I add into Edison’s milk. I generally mix in this and the vitamins together. Turns his milk purple which he thinks looks like chocolate milk. You can read more about why we love and use Elderberry Syrup HERE

27- Walkie Talkie for Kids – We recently got these as a gift for Edison’s friend ( our neighbors who live very close) The idea behind these walkie talkies was so the kids could chat back and forth with each other and invite each other over to play. It actually works! It is so fun!

28- Oh Crap! Potty Training Book – Just about finished with this book and I will be potty training Edison after we get home from a weekend trip in a few weeks. Fingers crossed for us!

29- Paw Patrol Paint Book – I plan on getting Edison some fun paint activities for his birthday, but wanted to start small and see how he likes painting before investing in more. He loves it!

30- Help! My Dinosaurs Are Lost in The City Book – Another great book of choice. It is so fun to patiently wait and see if Edison can spot the dinosaurs in this book.

31- Fishing Activity – So fun for toddlers.  It comes with two fishing rods so we both can play together.

32- Batteries – This Amazon brand of batteries is our go-to. Less expensive than name brands.

33- Apple Watch Charging Dock Station – I got this for both Brandon and I and we love how easy it makes it to charge our apple watches.

34- Step Stool – Can you tell we are almost ready to start potty training. I got this that way it is easier for Edison to climb up to the toilet seat.

35- Travel Toddler Toilet Seat – An essential for those gross public restrooms

36- Wellements Gripe Water – We love our gripe water, and recently have been loving and using Wellements products, so we gave this a try and love it. The only downside to it, is you can’t pack it in your diaper bag or travel with it since it does need to be refrigerated.

37- Spot It Jr. Game – Recently got this game for Edison when we were traveling on an airplane back home. It was great and tied him over for 20 minutes!

38- Hanging Faux Plant – This is actually a pretty decent size. I have mine hanging above our front door.

39- Chanel Book – Such a great coffee table book. You can see how I have styled mine on our living room shelves HERE

40- Wall Outlet with USB – Just got these to add to our kitchen. Makes things so much simpler.


RECENT AMAZON FAVORITES by popular California life and style blog, Navy Grace: image of a man holing a baby wearing a smelly cat t-shirt from Amazon.


What are some of your current Amazon favorites?  Share in a comment below!

xo, Camilla

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