Toys that Match your Style! 

After having a kid or several kids you would understand that your once perfectly neat, put-together home is now a child’s playground. With several bright-colored, loud toys scattered around every room in the house. I am excited to be partnering with Pottery Barn Modern Baby to share a few toys that I don’t want to hide before guests come over. Ones that are trendy and complement my own personal style. 

One of my favorite things we got from Pottery Barn Modern Baby is the Mongolian Fur Rocker, which is literally the cutest thing all by itself, but even cuter with little Eddie Boy rocking back and forth on it with the biggest grin on his face. He loves the texture of the fur and, of course, the fun ride. 

We have always been huge fans of Finn and Emma and adored their cute toys for children. Since Edison has outgrown the play gym we have moved on to their Big Buddy hand-knit, which is made in Peru out of organic cotton. We love the softness of it, as well as the cuteness level. Edison is slowly becoming more of a stuffed animal lover and adores looking at them.


One of my favorite things about these toys is that they can work for anyone. They would even make a great baby shower gift. I know it can be super hard to find something to gift a new mom. But finding something that is cute and functional is always the way to go!


xo, Camilla

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