I am all about the fun bright colors this Spring, apparently. Something I normally don’t gravitate to all the time, just every now and then. But considering my posts lately and my shopping carts, times have changed around here! Not only am I loving fun colors, but pink. Lot’s and lot’s of pink coming your way! Pink really has grown on me, who else?



leopard sweater: Asos  |  burgundy faux leather pants: Asos  |  Gucci loafers | Prada handbag |  “c” initial necklace: Anthropologie

I have basically been wearing this fun leopard print sweater non stop since I got it. It is so soft and cozy, but the color is what sold me! Leopard will never go out of style, so you might was well just get this sweater now!!

Oh, and don’t worry, my hair isn’t greasy like it looks. It had started sprinkling rain and then coming down a little harder the day we shot these photos. This was the aftermath YUCK!!! Not the prettiest hair, but I loved this look so much I still wanted to share even with greasy looking hair.



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