Not only are September and October my favorite months of the year because of the change in weather, changing color of leaves on the trees and of course dressing in layers, layers, and more layers! BUT… another huge reason I love these two months is for the all the excitement in the Fashion World.
So many fashion shows are taking place in such amazing cities and towns throughout the world and currently in Paris. Showcasing all the new trends and styles for the upcoming year just get’s me excited. 
It just doesn’t seem right to make me have to wait until Spring to enjoy all the excitement.

So, why wait for next spring to get a new fix on some fun fashionable items.

Today I am excited to share with you one of my favorite stationary companies,  Payprus, who has partnered with a top designer Zang Toi for such a fun card collection. You often see designers partner with shoe, cell phone covers, and even cosmetics companies, but now they have partnered with Payprus to create something that is an ever lasting memory . Thus this unique collection from Zang Toi. The entire collection is inspired by all the gorgeous, fashionable, and iconic pieces from his fashion line with themes that are both dramatic and edgy. My personal favorites happen to be the more edgy cards! 

There is nothing like receiving a hand written card from someone in the mail. Especially one from Payprus that is trendy!
It isn’t so common these days due to our easy access to phones and social media.
Sending a text message or quick social media posts seems to be all the time we can squeeze in, in today’s world. But let’s not forget those precious moments receiving a birthday card, or thank you card from a dear friend or grandparent. It is always so refreshing and really makes me appreciate the person even more! 

 I would love if you joined me in setting a goal to send out cards to someone you love and cherish in your life through out the end of the year. 
Let them know how much you care and appreciate them. 

Yesterday I sat down for a wonderful cup of hot chocolate at a local coffee shop and started to write a thought or fun memory to send off to a few loved ones using my Zang Toi fashionable cards.
It was so refreshing doing something so small for someone else, I can’t wait to mail them off and hopefully make someones day! 

​For more details or to view the entire collection, go here!

xo, Camilla 

Henry Young Photography ​​​​​​​​​

A special thanks to Papyrus for sponsoring this post

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