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If you have been on the fence of whether or not you want to get the Owlet Baby Monitor, or plan on having future children where you know you’ll want to invest in one. NOW is the time. 
Owlet will no longer be offering any promo codes starting November 1st. So today I wanted to share with you one last chance to receive $20 off your purchase using this link here

I have heard wonderful, amazing things about the Owlet, but since I haven’t used it for myself, I can’t give you a personal review, just yet. However, from everyone I  have talked to says it is the best thing to have as a new parent. Helping ease your mind and help you to sleep better at night knowing your baby is being monitored. 

If you aren’t familiar with the Owlet Baby Monitor, I will go ahead and explain more in detail below. 
I of course plan on doing another blog post once the baby is here and after I have used the Owlet for a month or so, that way I can give you my real feedback using this amazing product. 

Compared to your typical baby monitor, they only provide live video feed and sound to be able to watch and hear your baby, which is still so amazing. (I plan on having a video monitor as well) But the Owlet still offers a little more, it is designed like a pulse oximetry like they use in the hospitals. Owlet monitors your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels while wearing the little bootie that goes on your baby’s foot. It alerts you on your phone if something has gone wrong or if your baby stops breathing. 
In case your phone dies through out the night, maybe you are at your friends house, or out of town, no need to worry, my friends! The Owlet Baby Monitor also comes with a independent base station that will alert you if your phone is turned off. Just another reason to help you sleep through the night not having to worry. 

Let’s just say I LOVE my sleep, and as it’s no secret at all, that sleep is something we will surely miss as new parents. I am still excited to have a device that will help me sleep a littler bit longer each night. And I am sure I am not the only one out there 🙂

Again, make sure to take advantage of this time and receive the Owlet Baby Monitor with this $20 promo code

xo, Camilla 
Photography by Arielle Levy ​​​​​​​​​​

A special thanks to Owlet Care for sponsoring this post 


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