Being a mother and watching my kids grow has been one of the best things in my life. I’ve truly cherished and enjoyed each phase, but now that Lucy has entered her toddler years, we are getting all geared up with all the toddler essentials over here. Again! Toddlers naturally require a different set of needs and essentials compared to when they were babies. This is because of their newfound independence, energy, mobility, and increasing curiosity. They suddenly become more interested in everything, and start getting into anything they can find. By this age, kids begin to learn to do things on their own and actually insist they do so. While it is a wonderful age and fun to watch them become independent and learn new things everyday, it becomes more difficult to keep an eye on them and make sure they are staying safe while navigating everyday life.

So, I have gathered my TODDLER ESSENTIALS LIST full of everything that will help you with your kids as they grow through the toddler phase. These are all my tried and true favorites that have been super useful and become our everyday essentials. They will also help you keep your kids safe and having fun while they are constantly learning about new things around them.



toddler essentials list

tested toddler essentials list

Toddler Essentials List

Step Stool | Diaper Bag | Travel Potty Seat | Stroller | Avent Sippy Cups

Silicone Bibs | Bath Toy | Sleep Sack | Tote BagNuby Sippy Cups | High Chair 

Convertible Car Seat | Cloud and Droplet Bath Toy | Stackable Snack Cups

Happy Mat | Bath Spout | Potty Training Seat | Flower Play Mat




If you’ve ever tried to feed a toddler or watched them attempt to feed themselves, you know how messy of a task it can be. That’s why there is a few things that are essential to making meal times easier and a bit more mess free.


Sippy Cups


We have been using these Advent Sippy Cups for Lucy as well as the Nuby Sippy Cups. We also used these for Edison when he was younger and we’ve loved them since! They are both super easy to clean and are leak proof so they are mess free. We especially love the Nuby Sippy Cups because they have a straw which makes it easier for the little ones to use and transition to using straws and normal cups.


Silicone Bibs

Silicone bibs are one of the greatest inventions out there for toddlers that help make meal time a fun and hassle free time for everyone. We absolutely love these, trust me, they are a huge game changer! They are great for catching any food that happens to fall while your kids eat (because we all know that definitely happens) and are so easy to clean afterwards! I love taking these on the go since they clean up so well. These bibs also have built in neck fasteners for a comfy and snug fit so it stays on and can easily be removed. They come in so many different color options and are super affordable under $15! Our favorite toddler essentials.


High Chair 

A high chair or a booster seat is definitely important toddler essentials to have for meal times. These are definitely by preference depending on your toddler’s age. Usually, once the kids get a little bit older and can eat independently for the most part, we like to transition them to a booster seat and have them sit at the dinner table with us. When choosing a high chair, I look for ones that are easy to fold and unfold, and are also easy to clean up and store. There are so many options out there, but this is the one we use and love!


bath toys for todder

Bath Time

Bath time is one of our favorite parts of our bedtime routine. But, it wasn’t always at one point. I’m sure we’ve all been there with a screaming child that refuses to take a bath. Thats why having these bath time essentials is important in making bath time fun and easy for everyone.

Bath Spout

Bath spout covers are one of those things you never expect to need, but you become so thankful you have at some point or another. We love having one just to be safe in case of any accidents. It gives me peace of mind and makes for an enjoyable bump-free bath time. This whale bath spout is so cute and has a sleek design that fits snug over most tub spouts.


Waddle Bobbers Bath Toy

Having the right bath toys during bath time is also crucial for making bath time a fun and enjoyable time. These toys can be any kind of toys your child enjoys, but this one is one you definitely can’t go wrong with! Both Edison and Lucy have thoroughly enjoyed this one and still play with it all the time. I also appreciate that both the penguins and iceberg are sealed so no water gets inside which means they won’t get moldy or yucky. You can see more of our favorite bath toys HERE


Cloud and Droplet Bath Toy

This is another toy the kids really love using during bath time. They fill up with water and releases it as rain. It’s such a fun and simple toy the kids definitely enjoy! I also appreciate that they can open up to allow for thorough drying so they won’t get any mold on them.
toddler painting


Traveling with babies and toddlers is so much easier when you have the right essentials with you and you have everything you need. Because they have a different set of requirements, it can be a bit stressful in remembering to bring everything along. So, these are a few of my favorite essentials to bring along when traveling anywhere with kids.


Car Seat

First and foremost, a convertible car seat is definitely a must have when your child reaches their toddler years. They grow so incredibly fast, so It’s a good idea to buy a convertible car seat that can grow with them after they’ve outgrown their baby car seat. Trust me, you’ll save a lot more money in the long run! We love these maxi cosi car seats and the reviews on them are amazing. They are absolutely great and are worth every penny! An absolute must have for toddler essentials.


Diaper Bag

I’m sure a lot of us already have one, but a good diaper bag is so important to have! When choosing a diaper bag, I don’t only look at how cute it is, but I mostly also look at how functional it is and how much room it has. As moms, we carry a whole lot of things for our little ones and sometimes even bring extra things we may need… just in case! So it’s important to choose one that is cute but has as much room as possible.

I also love this cross body bag from MZ Wallace if you are in the late toddler phase. You are basically only carrying snacks and diapers. I love how lightweight this bag is. It has several ways to wear the bag too, which is an added plus



Another great thing to have is a good travel stroller that is lightweight and functional as well. This one has a ton of great reviews online and is very affordable. It is convenient, has 4 position recline, and is lightweight and makes any outing a little easier! It also has extra storage on the bottom and is compact enough for easy storing.


toddler essentials list

Must Haves

Last but not least, these are a few of my absolute must haves toddler essentials. These have all been so useful and  great to have and have also made life with toddlers a little easier.

Sleep Sack

Sleep sacks are seriously a huge game changer for both babies and toddlers in helping them sleep easier through the night. It’s basically a wearable blanket for kids (because we all know how crazy they sleep sometimes) so these make it nearly impossible for them to kick off in the middle of the night. They are so soft and cozy, and will keep your toddler warm throughout the night. This one I have found to be our favorite. It is also the biggest one I have seen which gives them more room to move around comfortably.


Potty Training Seat

It sure doesn’t feel like I should be thinking about this, but once your toddler becomes of age where it’s time to start potty training, or they begin to show interest, this potty seat will become your best friend. I love how easy and convenient this seat is, and it doesn’t take up too much space and can easily be stored. It is portable, doesn’t move, and fits most standard toilets. I prefer this seat over the small toilets you see in the stores. Way less to store for your next child. Wether you are ready or not, this potty training seat is must toddler essentails.

We also love this Travel Portable Toilet Seat that we can take on the go during those early months of them learning to use toilets. It for sure is a learning curve for them, so having a seat that they feel comfortable on while out and about is so important. It folds up and has a little storage bag so you aren’t spreading germs in your diaper bag.


Step Stool

Since toddlers have become more independent during this age, and they insist on doing things themselves, a step stool is something that will come in handy. This allows them to easily wash their hands by themselves, or brush their teeth on their own. It’s something that is convenient to have and will become very useful.


toddler step stool



toddler essentials list

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