Are you about sick of me talking about the Nordstrom sale that is ending in just 2 days, thats it, TWO DAYS!! 
Well, I have 2 very good reasons I wanted to show again all of my fall favorites again. 

1. I am actually getting anxious for fall to start due to this sale! Even though it is too hot to wear almost half of these items, I am still almost wishing it were here so I could start to wear layers, and booties, and coats!! We will see when that actually happens now that I am living in San Diego. I don’t know when it actually starts to feel like fall around here! 🙂
2. If you are anything like me, I wait and wait and wait till the very last minute to make a purchase! So, Here is your chance to get what you have been wanting while it is still on sale! 
I am honestly debating over this Rebecca Minkoff handbag. I have this one in blue, and a mini in a tan color and they are such an amazing bag with great structure. 
But then there is the Marc Jacobs handbag, and that orange color has me shouting for joy!!! 
I feel like I have to get my hands on this jacket. It honestly looks s comfortable and one you can wear out on the town and inside the comfort of your own home. Those are my favorite pieces in invest in! 
I have a hard time not wanting to collect every single leather or faux leather jacket I see, and this one here is supurb!! 
okay, last but not least there is the PMD!!! I have never owned this, but from everyone who I have ever talked to gives it 2 thumbs up and talks very highly of it, So I’ll take their advice!! 

Thats it for today loves!! 

Have the best weekend!! 

xo, Camilla

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