This tub has been the best little purchase. The mesh bottom is perfect and I love how he can sit perfectly without sliding out. Because babies can get real slippery 🙂
body wash 
Can’t go wrong with this brand!
Same as above. I love this classic smell of babies
hooded towel 
I have a couple sets of these and think they are the perfect size to wrap him in. 
wash cloths
These are such soft wash cloths. Perfect to wipe their faces. You’ll want several packs of wash cloths. I end up using one for the face and one for the bum 🙂
If you baby has hair. A brush and comb is a MUST! If I don’t comb Edison’s hair right after his bath it gets a little wild! Also, we experienced a small patch of cradle cap that I would gently massage with this brush. 

nursing pillow
A huge MUST! I used my boppy pillow to sit on for the first 2 weeks after delivering. Plus I love using it each night while I nurse in bed. Because there may be a few times where I fall asleep in bed nursing and I love knowing I have at least something supporting my baby. Although it is a bad habit to sleep. Yikes! 
I never thought I needed bottles because I was certain I would only breastfeed. However since it took Edison an entire month to regain his birth weight (babies loose a pound or so right after they are born, I had no idea before I had him) We had to give Edison a bottle morning and night of formula to help him gain weight.
bottle cleaner
You’ll really appreciate this. Having one tool to clean his bottles makes me know that they are clean.
burp cloths 
Stock up on these like a mad women!!! Seriously. I have at least 20 burp cloths and lay them around my house. You never know when you are going to need one 🙂
drying rack 
I wish I would have bought the bigger one. Invest in the large size because the small one doesn’t hold that much. Especially when I soak and dry my breastfeeding pump parts. But this drying rack plus accessories is well worth it. 
Glow app 
Hands down my most favorite app!!! I still use it everyday! I am so bad with keeping track of numbers and times. So especially at the beginning it was an easy way to gage how many dirty diapers he had. It was so helpful seeing it charted especially when the pediatrician asked each week. I still use it daily to track my feedings. I love that it time each breast and how long you feed, plus charts the last time I fed. Because I can never remember. Thank goodness for technology! 

Owlet Baby monitor  (get 10% off here)
To be honest I have only used this a handful of times. But I still love this product and know I will use it every night once I start a bedtime routine with a bath, jammies, and story time. I find myself not using it often now because I get the little one in his jammies around 7 or 8 and then once he is asleep to lay him down I remember about the monitor and don’t want to wake him up to put it on 🙁 So, I do plan on using it soon and especially when he is in his crib in his own room. 
velcro swaddle 
These things are life savers. I actually use two different brands and love the equally. TheSleepSack and the Nuroo
I do love that the SleepSack has a zipper that starts up from the bottom so you don’t have to fully take the swaddle off. But I do love how quick and easy the Nuroo swaddle is to use.
You can never have too many of these. I am almost embarrassed to admit that I have about 30 of these!! But I am constantly washing them. Using one in every room of the house. So I don’t feel bad about having that many.  
HALO Bassinest
I have already shared in this post here why I love my HALO Bassinest. But I truly do love it. I love that I don’t have to get out of bed in the middle of the night for anything. I can keep everything I need to change his diaper in the little caddy and love that I can swivel it around for my connivence. 
See my total review of why I am obsessed with DockATot here. Again, I love this product and especially ldove that it fits perfectly in my HALO Bassinest
white noise machine 
I use this every night. I do keep it on the white noise sound over the others. But what I love is that is does have a cord to plug into the wall and it is also battery powered. Which worked great for our trip to Idaho. 

Diaper Genie 
This is one item that is very controversial. But I actually really love mine and use it every day. I keep it next to my Nuna Rena, basically my diaper changing station down stairs and love having a place to keep my diapers. His poop doesn’t stink yet, so I can’t tell you the honest truth if it traps the smell or not. But I do love having one. 
Huggies Little Snugglers Diapers 
Hands down my favorite diapers. I feel that they do help prevent blow outs, but my favorite thing is the yellow line that turns blue when they have peed or pooped. Easy to tell without taking the diaper off. I have tried the Honest Company and am actually not a huge fan. As dang cute as they are, my little one ends up peeing all over his clothes while wearing those diapers.
diaper warmer 
Also another controversial item. I again love mine. I love that it is easy to quickly grab wipes and love that I don’t have to put a cold wipe on his bum. Because let’s be honest, I wouldn’t want that either. I keep mine downstairs in the Nuna Rena where I change diapers everyday. So yes, at night time he does get cold wipes 🙁 but I am only changing him usually once. 
Desitin diaper cream
I really prefer Desitin as an everyday use diaper cream. I still continue to use it every diaper change just because he does poop so often. I prefer this consistency over the Honest Company and many others. Its a great one to also keep in your diaper bag. See below for my favorite diaper cream for a bad bum rash
Triple Paste diaper cream 
This diaper cream is a little bit more money, but it is one you will want to have on hand. It clears up any diaper rash with in a day or two. I don’t use it every diaper change because it is more money. But always when a rash appears. Also, make sure to apply like frosting a cake. Thicker the better!
Honest wipes 
Now, the one thing I do absolutely love from The Honest Company are their wipes!!! I again tried several  brand names like huggies and pampers and also off brands and I still go back to The Honest Company. They are always easy to grab with one hand and don’t tear like the other brands I mentioned.
washable pads 
These are my favorite. I use these again all over my house. I have one in my HALO, one in my diaper bag, one on the nursery changing table, and one on my Nuna Rena. I love that it is a quick and easy clean up to just throw those in the wash rather than an entire sheet.
I don’t know what I would do with out this! I actually chose to get the Nuna SENA over the 4moms portable crib for the reason it had a changing table. That was one of my main reasons for wanting one. I haven’t used it yet for him to sleep in it yet, and probably won’t unless we go out of town. But I do plan to use it as a play pin when he gets a little older. I also love using it as a storage area right now to hold the diapers, wipes, burp cloths, swaddles, and diaper creams. 

Solly Baby Wrap  
I have two different wraps (see other one below) and here is why I love each brand for a different purpose. I use the Chekoh brand more often for now, but I know once Edison get’s bigger and weighs more I will love the Solly Baby. Here is why, The Chekoh brand is less fabric and stretchy. I love that especially being new to the wrap world, with a screaming baby, you want to hurry as fast as you can get the wrap on to help calm your baby, but I struggled with having the Solly Baby too tight or too loose. With it not being stretchy you have to untie it and try again. With the Chekoh brand, I could always get the wrap done quicker and never had to retry it because of the stretchy fabric. If it was to tight you can gently bend over and bounce the baby into position unlike the Solly. However, like I mentioned earlier, I know the Solly Baby will be a major go to once Edison weighs more because I notice with the Chekoh brand if I have been wearing baby boy for a couple hours he has started to sink and get lower on my chest due to the stretchy material. So you’ll want the Solly Baby.  Overall, having a wrap is a literal godsend!!!!!
Chekoh wrap 
See above
Nuna Carseat 
I love this carseat, but I also don’t have anything else to compare it to! But it is very easy to figure out and it wasn’t the heaviest in the store which was a huge selling point for me! 
Uppa Baby stroller 
I am obsessed with my stroller. I love having a HUGE under carriage. One huge selling point for me when I was shopping for a stroller. I love how easy it is to push. even one handed. But one reason I chose it was because it can grow with my family. You can potentially have three children with this particular stroller, the third being the kick stand. 
Covered Goods cover 
Make sure to get at least 2 or 3 of these. I always keep one in my diaper bag, and one on the carseat. I don’t use one for both, it would be a hassle.  But you will wish you had one of these while you are in public. Just make sure to keep one arm out, (opposite arm as breast you are feeding on) I didn’t know that, haha a little embarrassed admitting this, but I for sure looked like an idiot in public the first few times trying it out. I kept both of my arms inside. But now that I know, it makes feeding in public SO EASY!!! 
Diaper Bag 
Clearly a must. I have several diaper bags, but I loved using my Henri Bendel one at the beginning and I use it for church on Sundays. I loved having an easy access over the shoulder bag while Edison was brand new. I found it difficult having a backpack on, and needing something while holding him. I would have to put him down to get anything out. So now that he is a little older I prefer having a backpack. I am currently using Fawn Design
car mirror 
You’ll wish you had one of these if you don’t have one. It is so so so nice to be able to see your baby in the back seat while driving. I specifically chose this one because it was a large mirror. 

Honest laudry detergent 
I prefer to wash Edison’s clothing separate than mine and my husbands so I love having a gentle detergent. I really do like the Honest Company, but would also try the Dreft brand which I have heard great things about as well. ​
Oxi Clean stain remover spray 
Love this!!! For any blow out, I spray this as soon as I can, then I fill my laundry bucket with warm water and use the Oxi Clean Baby and dissolve it in the water. I then put all the stained clothes in the bucket and soak it over night before starting a load in the morning. It has gotten every stain out thus far!!! 
Oxi Clean Baby 
See Above
Gas Drops 
You’ll want these on hand as well as the Gripe Water. I would see how my baby was acting before determining which I would use. But you’ll want to make sure to invest in this before baby gets here so you don’t have to run to the store at midnight like I did!! 
Gripe Water
See above
My little man really struggles with paci’s but i did love using the Wubbanub in the carseat. I would place it under his blanket so it couldn’t move around or fall down. So easy!! 
Mam Pacifier
Again, with my little one not loving pacifers I don’t have a favorite brand. But I did ask you all on Snapchat one day and about 75 percent of you swore by this brand!! 
Nail Clippers 
You’ll want these on had before baby comes to as well as a file. Those little finger nails grow so dang quick and if you are breastfeeding you will get clawed 🙂 Also when he was brand new he would scratch his face in the car seat especially if we didn’t keep up with trimming them.

Now one thing I never knew but just suspected was that all babies love the swing. But truth is most babies don’t start to enjoy them until 2-3 months of age!!! So at first the little man hated the mamroo and would scream and scream. He now can last about 15-20 minutes in one. And I tell you what. You get so much done in that short about of time 🙂
Fisher Price swing 
Edison does actually do a lot better in this swing vs the Mamaroo. He can last anywhere from 20-40 minutes in this one. It is also a lot cheaper and easy to move around your house! 

and let us not forget a netflix account and a phone charger to keep ​you busy for those long feedings!!!

I know this post is so so so long, and cheers to whoever read this entire thing! 
But this is honestly every item I used during these first two months. Every item I linked is the exact product I used! 
I really hope this helps a lot of you new mamas out!! 

​xo, Camilla 



  1. Dani Marie Krum
    January 24, 2017 / 12:50 pm

    Girl! This is the list of all lists. So many products that we used and loved when King was a baby, and now so many I need to put on a list to try when we have our next baby!

  2. Eva
    March 4, 2017 / 7:49 am

    This list is everything! I’m 7 weeks away from my due date and need to start figuring out essential items : ) Thank you so much!!

    • Camilla Thurman
      March 4, 2017 / 12:19 pm

      Thank you so much Eva. I am so glad this was helpful for you!!


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