Here is a roundup worth reading about! Last week I shared the top most sold purchases that you bought and loved during 2021, (see that post HERE). So I thought it would be fun to show you all my TOP PURCHASES FROM 2021. All items that I love and use or wear often. I broke it down into two categories. Everything I loved that I bought on Amazon and everything from clothes to beauty.

It was a little difficult to narrow down the list, but I made it happen and I have included several items in every category from clothing and beauty to home and fitness. These purchases this last year are all my tried and true favorite products that I loved and know I will continue to love this new year.

Just don’t ask me what my #1 favorite item is 🙂 But if I had to pick, I would say it’s a toss up between my Lululemon Belt Bag, Pebble Ice machine, face ice cup, and New Balance sneakers. See impossible to choose!

I made sure to include all my sizes in the clothing in bold as a reference to you, hopefully it helps you out 🙂


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1 // Hair Color Tint Kit

Got this kit to dye my own eyebrows and what a difference it makes! I have the medium brown kit and it is a great color. Leave it on only for 3-5 minutes. Promise, you don’t want it on any longer than that! Makes it so I don’t have to put any brow powder in on off days.

2 // Vegetable Storage Containers

These have been so amazing to keep all of my strawberries, grapes, blueberries and some veggies fresh. It motivates me to instantly come home from the grocery store to wash all produce and put in storage containers to keep them fresher longer. One tip I do is leave a paper towel under the the strainer to catch any extra water that drains.

3 // Oil Sprayer

Just got this in December and it for sure made the list. My friend Whitney showed us this and I bought it right away. Put olive oil (or any oil you prefer) in it and use instead of Pam cooking spray. Much healthier option and it gives the perfect spray.

4 // Slides

I have worn these slides more than any other pair of shoes this year. They are the shoe I leave at the door to throw on when heading out. I also packed them on our trip to Mexico and loved them. They are rubber, so are easy to clean. (as seen in photo)

5 // Racerback Crop Tops

First saw Lisa Allen share these and ordered right away. Comes in a pack of 4 and great quality for the price. (as seen in photo)

6 // Mini Portable Fan

You could easily use this for the stroller, but I keep mine on my Peloton bike. I can’t do a ride without a little airflow. I have tried a few other portable fans out there for this purpose and this has been the best one. It doesn’t scratch the screen and can be bent so the airflow is directly on your face.

7 // Reusable Adhesive Pasties

Something I can’t live without, especially when so many swimsuits these days come without padding. Yikes!! Cover me up. These can we be worn in the pool and still stay on.

8 // Anti Nausea Acupressure Wristbands

If you are currently in your first trimester of you pregnancy, order these asap! They were such a game changer for me. My friend Kathleen Barns had them when we were together this Fall and I was able to test them out. They immediately take away the feeling of nausea.

9 // Surf Brush

We are at the beach often and I can’t believe I went so long without one of these brushes. Highly recommend to get sand of kids and yourself if you head to the beach a lot.

10 // Ice Cups

Still religiously icing my face morning and night to help prevent breakouts, reduce inflammation and because it just feels so refreshing. Prior to these cups I was using a red solo cup, which worked great. But I love the convenience of the handle on this cup verses using a washcloth. I shared a full Reel on how I ice my face. See HERE 

11 // Mesh Zipper Pouches

Almost ready to order more because we have used all of ours. We use these to store the kids puzzles, small games, and small toys like magna tiles for example. They are so convenient. See how we organize and declutter all our toys HERE  (as seen in photo)

12 // Clear Organizing Bags

Love these bags for traveling! I also always have one in my tote to hold my extra lipsticks, lotions and anything else. Having them clear makes it so easy to find what you need right away.

13 // Cereal Dispenser

We have owned several cereal dispensers over the years. This one just happens to be my favorite because of the look alone. I love that they are clear instead of frosted like so many other brands. (as seen in photo) See this post for more organizational ideas 



favorite purchases of 2021


collage of items from 2021


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1 // Everywhere Belt Bag

If you guys have been following me for awhile, then you know the love runs deep for this bag. I have it in several colors and swap it out often. It’s a great everyday bag that is light weight. It is also small enough to throw in a diaper bag or tote. (as seen in photo)

2 // Birkenstock Shearling Sandals

I am all about having comfortable shoes. I have been a long time fan of Birkenstocks, they truly are so comfortable. This pair went up a whole level when they added shearling to them! (as seen in photo)

3 // Benefit Cosmetics Clear Brow Gel

Last Spring I did a huge makeup haul and was so ready to try new products. This brow gel being one of my favorites. I love how it holds your brows all day long

4 // Nugget Ice Maker

Yep! I am now a snob about my ice. I just got this during the black Friday sales and it has easily become a staple in our home. How did we live without it?? I did get the newer generation and love that it can connect to wifi and your phone so you can always plan having fresh ice any time, anywhere!

5 // Fjallraven Sling Crossbody Bag

I have had a few Fjallraven bags in the past, but this one is by far my favorite. It is the perfect size and surprisingly holds so much while still being a lightweight bag. This color is also so great because it goes with so much. (as seen in photo)

6 // The Way Home Shorts

A summer staple! I own 3 or 4 of these shorts and can’t wait to get back to wearing them. This time I know they will be amazing for holding in my postpartum tummy! I wear a size small (as seen in photo)

7 // Varley Vine Sweatshirt

A sweatshirt that I had my eye on for so long and it took me forever to finally pull the trigger. It’s expensive, but I am so glad I finally did, the fit and quality is unreal. I wear a size small in it and it is oversized. I am now eyeing the olive green color. So pretty (as seen in photo)

8 // Too Faced Hangover Pillow Balm

I have already been through maybe 3 or 4 of these lip balms since January when I first ordered them. I love the original, watermelon, and mango formulas the most! It gives off a perfect shine without being sticky

9 // Geometry Towels

Use code CAMILLA15 off your order for 15% off! You all know how much I love Geometry towels over the last few years. But my newest obsession that I bought this year was the Mini towels. I love them for the bathrooms. They are the perfect size.

If you are new to Geometry towels they are surely something you didn’t know you needed, and I promise you won’t go back to any other towel. They absorb amazing, actually dry your hands, and never wrinkle in the wash.

10 // Like A Cloud Bra

This low impact bra is extremely soft. I was in store at Lululemon and one of the workers talked me into buying it. Although it didn’t take much convincing. It is so soft, and comfortable. I wear it to ride the Peloton, but I wouldn’t wear it for weightlifting as it doesn’t have tons of support. I wear a size 8 in the bra. Another thing I love is that it comes in a longline version too.

11 // Sleepy Head Pajamas

Under $50, these can’t be beat! They are incredibly soft and have held up in the wash great!

12 // The Perfect Vintage Jean

I was lucky enough to partner with Madewell a few times last year and was able to try out several of their jeans. This pair being my top choice. I picked these jeans out to wear over any others in my drawer. Love the fit and color. I now own several versions of the perfect vintage jean. I wear a size 25

13 // Playa Oversized Linen Shirt

I love these oversized shirts to wear as a swimsuit cover up. Earlier in 2019 I bought the white one, and can’t believe it took me this long to order a second one. I love this color. I wear a size small. In fact, I just ordered this color for an upcoming beach trip! (as seen in photo)

14 // Loopy Case

Use code NAVYGRACE10 for 10% off your case. Not a new purchase to me, because I have used a Loopy phone case for several years but this green color is new and I am obsessed. Probably my favorite case from them yet.

15 // Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops

I have used several face tanning drops over the years and Isle of Paradise beats them all in my opinion. It gives off the prettiest color and lasts! I love waking up with a sun-kissed, golden face.

16 // Charlotte Tillbury Matte Bronzer

As I mentioned previously that I did a big spring makeup haul, this was one product I also fell in love with. I have used it for almost a year and I still have a lot of product left. Worth every penny

17 // New Balance Sneakers

These keep selling out every time this color combo is restocked. But this 327 style is honestly so comfortable. I can wear them all day at Disneyland and never having aching feet! I linked several other color options below. (as seen in photo)

18 // Hoop Earrings

Always a Made By Mary fan! I have these in the middle and large size and wear them both all the time. I pretty much alternate between the two daily. Great price and amazing quality.




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