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Although Fashion week is ending tomorrow, we will still have it on our minds for the next month, remembering all of the amazing runway models and what our favorite bloggers wore.
As promised.. Today I wanted to show another take on what I would have loved to of worn if I attended. I focused more on designer pieces like  these handbags here and here. I am swooning over them and wish I had them hanging in my closet ( I can already picture so many outfits I would pair them with) But these booties are EVERYTHING. From the color, to the lace up and fringe details, it doesn’t get any better than that! 

I mixed some fun designer pieces with some affordable pieces like these black booties that I think I need for myself. 

Which look are you loving more? 
I honestly am obsessed with them both so much, but being a girl who loves bows and high collared necks I’ll take my vote with the first outfit. 

Have a great day ladies

xo, Camilla


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