I am so excited about to today and every Monday from here on out! I’ve said it before, but I love Mondays and I also love being a mama so it just feels right to share weekly mama moments with you! 
I love that I decided to start this #momtalkmondays series the week of Mother’s Day. Because watch out! You are going to be loaded with Edison photos all week long. I think I just fall more and more in love with this little ham each day and every photo I see. Get ready to start loving on this little guy over on my Instagram and here too of course! 

Since I am a new mom, I have several or millions of questions running through my head on a daily basis. I often ask the questions if you follow me on my Insta Stories. I will continue to do so, but I also wanted to devote my Mondays to motherhood and being a mama. 

I will either be sharing my thoughts, or asking my questions here, or my Instagram. So be sure to be following @navygraceblog if you want to join in with me and share your stories of success, or even the #momfails. 

I can’t wait to be sharing my love for Mondays with all you mamas out there!!! 

This is  series I really hope you can enjoy and look forward to each monday.  If you have questions about being a mama that you would love for me to ask others for my #momtalkmonday I would love for you to write me and let me know. 

Today’s Mama question is this…
For the last month or so, I find it a struggle about half of the feedings I do with Edison are challenging to get the full 30 minutes in. 
He seems to be too distracted or bored of eating both at home and while we are out and about. So he will just turn away. I will sit there and make sure he at least tries to eat for 15-20 minutes everytime. Sometimes 25 if he will let me. But this isn’t just with breastfeeding. We give him a bottle still morning and night. Usually the night time bottle he does okay. But the morning bottle he acts the same way. 
Did this happen to you?
What did you do to help your little one focus while eating?
Is letting him eat only 15-20 minutes okay?

I look forward to hearing your advice. 

xo, Camilla



  1. Nicole
    May 8, 2017 / 3:06 pm

    As your baby gets older, they actually become more efficient at nursing so they don’t have to nurse for as long! We NEVER had half hour feedings even when he was a newborn. He would however nurse almost every 2 hours. Now that he’s getting older (8 months!), he nurses for 10 minutes and can go 4 hours in between (sometimes still 2 hours if he wants comfort). As long as your babe is following along on the growth curve, you don’t need to make sure it’s a strict half hour. He’s getting what he needs, or else he’d let you know 😉. Keep it up momma!! It’s very hard and so selfless but it’s such an amazing thing you are doing for him. Best of luck!

    • Camilla Thurman
      May 8, 2017 / 5:31 pm

      Thank you so much!! I really appreciate it your thoughts! It eases my mind knowing this too! So I really love that you shared.

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