I know I have said this before but I really mean it this time!!!
11 months has by far been my most favorite stage of Edison!

He is so happy
The giggliest
Has such a contagious smile
So obsessed with our dog Boss
Loves to hold my hand and shake it up and down 
Gets squealy when excited, especially when other baby girls are near
Buries his face into my shoulder when strangers say hello, while smiling of course
Loves to wave and waves at everything and everyone now
Starting to do high-fives
Going down easy for naps
Goes to sleep at 7. sleeps until 4 or 5 each morning. After a quick feeding aleeps again until 6 or 7.
Loves to play with my jewelry when I hold him especially my wedding ring
Still loves snorting. Also loves to snort when I plug his nose with my fingers
Mimics my screaming noises in the highest pitch
Giggles while chasing Boss with a walker
Can easily entertain himself and keeps himself busy
I’ve caught him watching videos on my phone or a few minutes on the tv on and I can’t help but stare at his little profile because for once he is still and I want to remember his little features forever
Is the happiest when we are outdoors 
A really good and pleasant baby in the car!!! 
Loves to pick my eyelash extensions off, but does it with the sweetest smile that I can’t help but laugh 
Becoming SO smart! Listening better when I say No, or Edison in a stern voice. 
Knows he shouldn’t leave the room and will tease me, crawl away but just far enough where he isn’t in view anymore then waits for me to come find him. Once I see him he darts off while smiling so big!
Favorite toys are my car keys and one single baby wipe that you love to wave around 

Seriously, life with Edison has been so so so good especially lately!
I try to stop my mind from wondering the thought “when is the rough patch coming, it’s been so good for so long” I hate that I feel that way but I know more teething days are ahead of us, sleepless nights, sleep regression or growth spurts. I have been cherishing these every moments each day because they have become my favorite memories of Edison and I lately!
Of course I know the teething and sleep struggles will come, but they will be different than the last time, he will be older, I will know how to handle them better and of course he will be just the same sweet boy as before.

What is one of your favorite memories of with your baby, or any of your kids before they turned one. 
I would love for you to share them!!!

xo, Camilla


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