I feel like we just can’t survive motherhood without finding a few things to make our lives easier!!

​Whether it helps us get things done faster, get ready quicker, or give us more energy during the day I call it success with these few mom hacks!
So here they are! I would love to hear what hacks you do or would like to share


1. Baby Lotion for Hair

This one may not apply to all, but I found so helpful when I discovered it. For those babies who have a lot of hair, or just any hair in general. Use baby lotion to style the hair. I have found that Tubby Todd lotion works better than Johnsons. It helps Edison’s hair to have a little spike in it without making his hair greasy or crunchy like any typical gel.

2. MaskCara Makeup!

I know I have shared this before, but I promise you when you can do you makeup in 5 minutes you are saving yourself so so so much time. Having more time to spend with your babies and kids, all while looking flawless at it! I actually sell this makeup and am happy to color match anyone who is interested. You can email me directly here or shoot me a DM on Instagram!

3.A spray bottle mister.

Yes I hate ironing and yes I don’t take the time to pull out my steamer to steam my clothes! So that’s why a mister spray bottle will become your best friend! I usually spray a few squirts and run my palm over the wrinkles (while wearing it) and the wrinkles come out. Some nights if I know what I am the next day and it’s a wrinkled mess, I will hold the clothing item over the tub and spray the heck out of it and let it dry overnight. 10/10 times it’s wrinkle free! I honestly feel a mister does a better job than the typical spray bottle.

4. Amazon Alexa!

She will be your best friend. I always tease my husband and say Edisons first word might be “Alexa” ha but really! My hack with Alexa is simplifying your grocery list. I hate going to the grocery store and hate prepping a list of what to shop for. So while I am cooking or while it’s on my mind I just say “Alexa, add butter to the shopping list” and then pull up my Alexa app on my phone while at the store!! It’s literally genius! We have also been using Blue Apron for about 5 months now and really love it! That cuts the grocery shopping time and lists in half. Plus makes the cooking a breeze!

​5. Starbucks ordering.

I have shared this on my IG story before because it is such a good tip I learned from a friend. I don’t drink coffee so when I do go to Starbucks I usually order the Pink drink. However I want to get the most out of my money when ordering because if you order an iced drink you get majority ice and maybe a few sips of the actual liquid. So here is the hack. Order a Venti cup Pink drink with NO ICE. then order a small cup with only ice. You basically get two drinks in one! I will drink a few sips before I add the ice to my drink! Its genius!!

6.To Do list in Notes App.

I always feel so busy with tasks whether it be for work, home, errands or things to help my husband with. But I can’t seem to remember them unless I write them down. Maybe it’s a mom thing, but my memory has gotten worse when it comes to tasks I need to complete. I have several To-do lists on my Notes app. I like to use the bulleted list and check off the lists after I complete it (rather than erasing it) I love seeing the success throughout the day. I usually have a list for daily, and weekly. Sometimes a monthly one if the items aren’t’ urgent.

​xo, Camilla








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