Low and behold the talk of photos and editing!! 

I get asked this question weekly how I take photos of Edison and what I use to edit my photos! 
So, it only felt right to share these tips for my Mom Talk Monday because us moms are snapping photos of our kids all day long and why not capture them the best way we know how… our iPhone! 

Yes, believe it or not, I only use an iPhone when I am capturing photos of Edison. Of course I do shoot with a professional photographer often and they capture some great photos of him too, but generally I share or link who the photographer is.

If you have a newer generation iPhone then you will do just fine, you don’t have to go out and buy a big ole fancy DSLR and learn how to do exposure and aperture. That’s great if you know how, teach me!!! But, most likely you aren’t walking everywhere with a DSLR in hand! 

Portrait Mode
I was introduced to the portrait mode on my iPhone about 6 months ago and it has been a major game changer. 
It is basically the closest thing you will get to a DSLR. 
To find portrait mode, open your camera and slide right to find the setting. 
It will be something you will want to really play around before feeling 100% comfortable and confident with it. Portrait Mode does have its perks, and of course it’s downsides. See below


Your photo comes out super clear!
The background becomes blurry, helping the focus become sharp 
with the perfect lighting, you get the perfect photo   
You always have your phone in your hand
You have the option to add 4 other quality lightenings (I prefer Natural)

You can only get  a close up (not full body of an adult)
Has a slight pause, making it so you can’t snap several photos in a row 
Lighting needs to be good to prevent a grainy photo 

Of course portrait mode doesn’t work for every photo and every scenario, but trying to edit them all the same to help keep the same aesthetic helps your overall Instagram feed. 

Here are a few apps I use to edit my photos. 

As of lately I have just been using VSCO, unless I need to desaturate or brighten a specific area then i finish in Snapseed. 
In a quick nutshell this is the process I use to edit my photos in VSCO. 
Exposure (depends on photo) but usually add exposure +1.0 – +3.0
Contrast +1.0 – +3.0
Sharpen +7.0
Temperature +0.2 – +2.0 
Tint +0.3 – +0.7
Finish photo with A6 Filter between +2.0 – +6.5

The best part about VSCO is being able to copy and paste your editing on to other photos. You can also save recipes, but I find copying and pasting is much easier and saves me SO much time!! 

All of these photos here were taken on my iPhone 7 plus and X. I ended up getting the new iPhone X in November (ish) time frame, however I wanted to share several photos that were all taken and edited on my phone.

I Hope this was helpful for so many of you! 
I hope to do a before and after and step by step on my IG stories. 
Is that something you all would be interested in. Let me hear from you. ​​

xo, Camilla 


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  1. Celine
    January 8, 2018 / 12:32 pm

    Super helpful thank you!!!

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