Happy Monday Mamas!!!
Today I wanted to break down a few of our favorite summer must have products that will keep you and your babies cool in this hot summer heat as well as great ways to protect your skin and all the essentials for the pool or beach.
I can’t even believe it is almost July and better yet, 4th of July. Which means summer is flying by and we need to start using our new pool and make more trips to the beach!
Anyone else already feeling like summer is moving too fast and you don’t have enough time to get everything done you wanted to?


Stroller Fan – Ordering this one, I own this one too! The stroller fan is a life saver. We use it on the stroller and on the carseat in the car. For those kids under 2 who are still rear facing, most car’s AC can’t reach them. So I find that Edison is always a sweaty mess even when I am blasting the AC on a hot day. This clip on fan is really a life saver!

Insulated Water Bottle – We own this small kid size Hydroflask and LOVE it!! We actually purchased this one with the rubber bottle and find it really useful. Plus Hydroflask water bottles are the only way we go! The fact that your water stays cool in hot temperatures, or even all day long is a huge deal!

Insulated Lunch Bag – You won’t find us without a insulated lunch bag on hot day. I keep an extra bottle of cold milk, string cheese, food pouch and whatever other food for Edison to snack on through out the day. I have also found the one I use the most is a bottle insulated bag. It is small enough to throw inside my diaper bag and still does the job well.

Reusable Ice Packs – To go inside our insulated lunch bag. We just throw one or two of these in before we leave!

Portable High Chair – This is one item I hope to get this summer! Especially since we are learning that Edison will NOT eat without being in a high chair. With us brining Brandon meals up to the new house we don’t have a place for Edison to sit and eat, and even if we did, it won’t happen unless he is strapped down. Imagine that. Thinking this would be our best bet!

Native Shoes – I can’t express how great these are for summer! Good for the pool, beach, splash pads, and lots of walking!

Munchkin Insulated Cup – If I know we will be out the majority of the day I will fill this cup with milk for Edison and generally pack an extra sippy cup he drinks milk in to pour the cold milk into. I have done full days at Disneyland and give him the milk and it is still ice cold!

Stackable Snack Container – Love these! So good for keeping several snacks all together and with less space.




Basket for toys  – I love having this type of basket for all of our beach toys because the sand can fall out the bag while walking back to the car.

Reusable Swim Diaper – Such a great thing to have a few of. Really not as gross as it seems either!

Supergoop! Sunscreen Mist – I love having two different types of sunscreens. A lotion to apply before we leave the house and a mist to spray on for reapplying.

Supergoop! Sunscreen Lotion – What we love and use before even leaving the house and while putting swimsuit on!

Baby Powder – You may have heard this before, or even tried it. But I am here to tell you Baby powder is ALWAYS in my car! This is the best thing to get sand off any kid. I do my best job getting sand off with a dry towel. Then I sprinkle baby powder over the legs and bum to get off the rest of the sand and it always works like a charm!

Pop Up Shade Tent – I couldn’t find our exact pop up tent, but this is the most similar one I could find. I love that it is a pop up vs one with poles. I had one with poles and hated it! Too much work and time. This one is also so easy to put down too!

Puddle Jumper – Can’t go to the pool with out this little guy!

Hooded Beach Towel – This is something I hope to get Edison right away. He loves towels and loves me wrapping them over his head and shoulders. So I know he would love a hooded towel.

Gathre Mat – One of my favorite beach, park, home, really anything mats. Its a bonded leather mat and the sand literally brushes right off of it! I suggest getting the Maxi or Midi size. I personally love the use my Maxi size at the beach. But love the Midi size when it is just Edison and I at the park.

Mexican Blanket  – Another blanket I always keep in my car. It works as a blanket, we have used it as a towel, a baby wipe, you name it, these blankets are so versatile. I get ours from Gunn and Swain.



I am curious if you are more of a beach or pool type of person?
Does that answer change when I say are you a beach or pool person with your kids?
It really is hard for me to answer that because either situation I am running around chasing Edison.
Once he gets to the age where we can listen and understand better, even swim it will be easier. But I honestly can’t even answer my own question!!!

I would love for you to share with me your favorite summer must have products with kids!
I know mine are only relatable to young toddlers. So I would love for you to share some of your favorite for even older kids too!

yellow top: Nordstrom  |  denim: Levi’s  |  hat: similar here  |  beaded sandals: Nordstrom  |  sunglasses: Rayban |  necklace trio: Madewell

Edison’s Romper: Monica and Andy |  sandals: Freshly Picked 

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