Happy Mama Monday!

I can’t even believe I have possibly less than 10 weeks left before this little girl decides to show up! I am hoping she wants to stay in and cook as long as possible, granted I probably won’t be saying that in 9 weeks 🙂 But I would rather her stay in as long as she wants to to come up plump and healthy!

Edison was a bigger baby, weighing 8.5 pounds. He also came 2 days after my expected due date. So we will see what this one decides to do. Also depends on if the doctors decide they want to pick an induction date since my labor with Edison was rather quick for a first time mom. I had him in 9 hours, but they had us take a 2 hour nap and wait and wait for a doctor to be available to deliver me. The labor could have easily been 5 or 6 hours.
You can read more of my birth story with Edison here. 

Today I wanted to share a pregnancy update with you all now that I am officially 30 weeks. Well technically closer to 31 now. But how I have been feeling, foods I love or hate and things that are helping me survive.



Itchy Body – Over the past 3-4 weeks my body has been so itchy!! I don’t even remember this happening while pregnant with Edison. Of course my stomach has begun to itch due to the stretching. But my back just inches all the time!! Especially as soon as I step foot into my hot shower. Let’s just say a loofa has become a good friend the past few weeks. Has this happened to you?

Baths – I am normally not someone who loves taking baths. I am 100% more of a morning shower girl. But the last few months a bath is all my body craves. I still don’t take them too often. Maybe 1-2 times a week. But after Edison goes down for the night, the thought of a warm bath with bath salts or a bath bomb and a good tv show just calls my name. Another huge reason I love and have found a need for taking a bath is how sore my body has become. A bath is one way I have been able to ease some of the pain.

Swollen – The time has now come where I have needed to retire my wedding ring for the next several months. Wedding ring first, and soon I probably won’t be able to fit into any rings! This happened when I was pregnant with Edison and I remember not being able to fit into my wedding ring almost 3-4 months postpartum. Luckily it’s only been my hands and not my feet as well. Hoping that continues to be the same case as my first pregnancy. I have also started to see more swelling in my face, especially my nose. Not looking forward to how this will pan out the next 2 months! On my flight home yesterday my fingers swelled so badly I had to take off all my rings and had imprints of my rings on my fingers for the next couple hours! My ankles also become so swollen. I am hopping it all goes down now that I am home and not dealing with Texas humidity. What areas do you swell?

Sore Body – Man! I forget how hard Pregnancy is on your body. I feel like I can’t or shouldn’t be complaining since I don’t get sick the first trimester. But I just am constantly sore. Especially my lower ligaments, due to the stretching. I know this pain will continue to increase too 😭 what I do find worse than the lower ligament pain is the sciatic nerve pain in my right hip! Both pains come from going too hard, walking too much, or being on my feet too long. As long as I take it slow and simple and take baths it seems to help. Even sneezing or coughing causes sharp pains in my hip down my leg!

Love/Hate Shopping RelationshipI explained this a little bit in this post, but the thought of knowing I only have less than 2 months, I have had a hard time wanting to shop and buy any new maternity or oversized clothing. I know I won’t wear the oversized pieces again so why buy them! I’ve been loving dresses, yet now I keep in mind whether or not I can breast feed in the dress. Again, it may not be worth it to buy the dress for only wearing a short amount of time!

Time – Oh how badly I wish time would slow down! We head out of town for a week tomorrow. Then again the first part of May. I feel like once both trips are finished, it’s basically go time. Time to prep the house, prep the nursery. Wash the clothing, get diapers etc. I haven’t even began to start thinking about that. Let alone getting a hospital bag packed and ready. Finding a newborn outfit for her to come home in. I haven’t even found a birth photographer. See what I am saying here, time is rushing by and I am nowhere ready.

xo, Camilla


30 weeks pregnant and only 10 weeks left to go before baby girls joins us over on Navy Grace. Camilla shares her update on how she is feeling



30 weeks pregnant and only 10 weeks left to go before baby girls joins us over on Navy Grace. Camilla shares her update on how she is feeling


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