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It’s crazy that I am already here chatting again about my pregnancy must haves for the second time. It feels like yesterday I was writing this post, except now, I have a wild toddler I have to care for.

Today I wanted to share my most favorite and most used items while I am pregnant, or at least in this phase of my pregnancy. I most likely will add a few extra items when I approach or hit my 3rd Trimester. I also wanted to share a quick update on my 1st and 2nd Trimester and how things have been for me. Keep scrolling to see all my pregnancy must haves!

PREGNANCY MUST HAVES featured by top US life and style blog, Navy Grace


PREGNANCY MUST HAVES featured by top US life and style blog, Navy Grace

1 – Water BottleLink to Straw

This water bottle is constantly by my side the last few months. Pregnancy or not, but especially now. I particularly love this Hydro Flask because it keeps my water nice and cold for a few hours.

2 – Bio Oil

A MUST for pregnancy! I use this daily, every morning after the shower before getting dressed. I rub on my belly, hips, breasts and butt. Just any potential area that could possibly get stretch marks while pregnant. I will start using this 2 times a day, morning and night once I hit the 3rd Trimester

3 – Mother’s Special Blend Oil

I love mixing and blending this with the Bio Oil. I used them both while pregnant with Edison and luckily never got any stretch marks.

4 – Black Stretch Waist Jeans

(Wearing them in these photos) Thanks to all of you readers, you suggested on getting the Rockstar jeans from Old Navy, and I must say, I am impressed. They aren’t even considered maternity jeans. Just jeggings with a stretchy waist band. I got 2 different sizes, a 4 (my standard size prior to pregnancy) and a 6 in a blue denim style.

5 – Madewell Maternity Jeans

Another highly requested jean to get. I ordered and am still waiting for them to arrive in the mail and I can’t wait. They are the most trendy maternity jean I have seen, and love that the stretch is on the side, allowing them to look and feel like regular jeans.

6 – Prenatal Pills

Of course we all know that theses are a major must during pregnancy. But I remember feeling like I didn’t know which brand to try for prenatals. I have used this brand for both pregnancies and have never felt sick taking them, as I know some pills can cause sickness

7 – Bath Bombs

Maybe it’s just me, but all I want to do this pregnancy is take warm baths. It may also be due to the fact that both our tubs in our home are currently unavailable. Our master tub still isn’t hooked up, and our other bathroom got a hole in the tub and we are hoping to patch it this week! So yes, bring on all the bath bombs please!!!!

8 – Cozy Blanket

Just like cozy clothing, I just want to cuddle up on the couch with the coziest of blankets. I got this particular one earlier this winter, in blue, and won’t let anyone else in the house take it from me! It is so comfortable! Comes in other colors too.

9 – Pimple Spots

Turns out this pregnancy is a little different than my first, my skin has really been through the ringer and boy am I thankful for these spots. I actually just got them, and have only used once. However, if you are someone prone to getting acne, or large painful pimples, I would highly recommend these.

10 – Slippers

I love wearing slippers around the house, but especially now since I just want to be cozy. I have several pairs, but this style is next on my list. I love that my feet wouldn’t get too hot since the weather will start to warm up around here soon. Plus they are darling!

11 – Lululemon Align Pant Leggings

Hands down my most favorite and most worn pair of leggings! Especially now! They don’t have a tight band, yet feels that they hold everything in. They call these the ‘naked’ legging, and it is absolutely true.

12 – Alo Leggings

I just got these, in a camo color, and so far really loving them! The fit is great, the band isn’t too tight, and the slick texture on the outside is my favorite thing. No dog hair sticks to them! Bonus

13 – Robe

Just because it takes me a little longer these days to want to get dressed after showering. Why are clothes the worst while pregnant! A good cozy robe will do the trick

14 – Lounge Pants

Another MUST in my book! I love coming home and changing into anything comfortable as soon as the day is over, so around 5 or 6!! I love these lounge pants

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PREGNANCY MUST HAVES featured by top US life and style blog, Navy Grace PREGNANCY MUST HAVES featured by top US life and style blog, Navy Grace

Don’t worry for those of you who have been requesting more clothing options, I plan to share some more dresses, tops and more that are bump friendly. I hope to share as soon as I feel like I have to really make the transition. Luckily with today’s fashion, I feel like you don’t necessarily have to wear maternity tops, unless you are wanting form fitting basics with rouching. You can make regular clothing work, just by sizing up or finding flowy tops. But, I will share more about this in weeks to come!

I really hate admitting this online, because I can only imagine how terrible it would be to read if you are someone who is constantly sick your first trimester or worse, your entire pregnancy. However, I feel so incredibly lucky that I haven’t dealt with morning sickness during pregnancy. I didn’t with Edison and so far haven’t really experienced any this one either. Right now I am 18 weeks along, which is crazy to think I am already half way! How is that possible? I haven’t done a darn thing to prepare for the baby yet. I am waiting until we find out the gender, which is THIS WEEK!! This friday we find out what we are having, so stay tuned!!! So once we know the gender, I think I will be more excited about buying little odds and ends, clothing, accessories and more!

No morning sickness for me, but that doesn’t mean I have days where I feel so crummy, icky and just want to lay on the couch. One thing is certain though, I love my sleep! I mean, by 8 pm my energy really starts to drain. Come 9 or 9:30 you can find me in bed and I fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow. Since starting the 2nd trimester I have noticed the past couple of weeks having more energy each night. Some nights I can stay up till 10:30! Big deal people!! Quick little story: A few nights ago, I had my regular bowl of cereal I eat a few times a week, took the bowl to the sink, filled up my water bottle and started heading down the hallway to go to bed. Brandon was in the office, and before I had approached the office doors, I hear him say “Goodnight Babe”. haha I couldn’t help but laugh and say “How did you know I was going to bed” He replied “I just knew”. He must have heard me eating, filling up my water bottle and turning off the outside lights. He is so used to me falling asleep hours before he even comes to bed!

PREGNANCY MUST HAVES featured by top US life and style blog, Navy Grace

Food I am Craving and Eating and Hating

I don’t ever feel like I “crave” food to the point that I HAVE to have it right away. However, I do feel that I want specific foods, and am happy while eating whatever it is!

Cereal at night – I seriously love a good bowl of cereal, but eating it while pregnant is like GOLD before going to bed. I am particularly loving, Honey Nut Cheerios, and Reeces, and O’s!

Hamburgers – I just can’t deal with eating hamburgers right now. This happened while pregnant with Edison to. They sound good, until I see it, and Nope! Never mind

Cottage Cheese – I literally ate this every single day the first trimester. Now, I can’t even look at it! So funny how it just changes overnight.

Chocolate – During the 1st Trimester I never really wanted anything to do with chocolate, which is SO unlike me. Now, though, I am back to my normal self and wanting to eat it daily.

Coke – Again, I went through a major phase during the 1st Tri where the thought of coke sounded awful and just so sugary. But now the last 3 days, I have been craving coke like crazy!! So weird how things just switch

Chicken and Other Meats – I can eat it as long as I don’t cook it. Does anyone else get this way during pregnancy?

PREGNANCY MUST HAVES featured by top US life and style blog, Navy Grace PREGNANCY MUST HAVES featured by top US life and style blog, Navy Grace

Feeling the Baby Kick 

I started to feel the baby kick this past week! I almost forget what it felt like, because it is so subtle at first, but now, I am feeling lots of little “pops” when I am sitting still. I can’t wait to begin to feel these kicks get stronger as the baby grows!

PREGNANCY MUST HAVES featured by top US life and style blog, Navy Grace

black stretchy waist jeans: Old Navy  |  striped top: Topshop  |  denim jacket: Topshop  – wearing a size 6  |  sunglasses: Rayban  |  handbag: Prada

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xo, Camilla 

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