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Do you remember back in January when I mentioned some exciting things were coming to Navy Grace in 2019? Today I am finally here to share with you all, and I couldn’t be more excited!  We are starting a monthly guest post featuring some of my favorite mamas to share with all of you as part of my Mom Talk Monday series.

This online community is amazing! Especially the motherhood community. You can always find another mama you can relate to, whether it’s being pregnant at the same time, having children the same age, experiencing firsts together, children having the same or similar special needs. I know there are probably more ways to to relate to another mama and I won’t go into every way, but I will say I have personally connected to several influencer mamas, and even you as my readers!

One thing I love knowing and feeling is that I am NEVER alone in this journey. I’m thankful for the amazing opportunity to be able to connect with other mothers in social media. My number one goal for these guest posts is to share amazing, inspiring, powerful women and mamas with you. Especially mamas that I hope you will love and want to follow on your own.


Camilla of Navy Grace invites Christina Warren as a guest post, Christina shares 3 simple ways to enjoy big home style with kids and helpful tips

I am so excited to introduce Christina Warren with you all today!  Christina and I have never actually met in real life, which I am now questioning why,  since we both live in California and are relatively close since she is in the Orange County area (I really think we need to make this meet up happen, right Christina?!). I wish I remember how I found Christina on social media, because I have always loved following along her journey.

Christina has two darling little boys and a super gorgeous, well curated home. If you love the wood ceilings in our home, I’m certain you will  love her home as well 🙂 Not only is Christina’s Instagram filled with beautiful photos of her home and compiled with endless inspiration, I started to really love Christina more after watching her stories on IG. She is hilarious. Every time I watch her stories, I can’t help but laugh (out loud too). So be sure to follow her and tell her I sent you her way!


Camilla of Navy Grace invites Christina Warren as a guest post, Christina shares 3 simple ways to enjoy big home style with kids and helpful tips

3 Easy Ways to Enjoy Big Home Style with Little Kids
by Christina Warren

Beautiful home design and little kids can absolutely go together and I’m excited to share 3 easy tips for making this happen for you! For as long as I can remember, I’ve been extremely sensitive to my environment. I used babysitting and birthday money to buy home décor items for my room and often thought I had the best decorated room in the house. Did I just write that? Ha! I hope you’ll keep reading!

Here are three easy ways to make your home feel like the stylish, creative person you are while still being family friendly!

1. Bookshelves and Floating shelves

These out of reach display areas are perfect for grounding your space with design. They are set it and forget it and kids can’t rearrange them for you.

You can hang picture ledges or have heavy duty floating shelves installed with beam reinforcement for heavy items (like our kitchen shelves).

In our last home, I went to a reclaimed wood salvage yard, had them cut the pieces to 3 feet and attached some home depot shelf brackets myself. Voila! Shelves!

Paint an existing bookshelf or built in to create a highlight space for décor items.

Design them with what you already have and enjoy slowly collecting new pieces to fill in the gaps.

2. Involve your kids!

My kids definitely know that I enjoy decorating and as they get older and get involved, they grow in their appreciation for the décor! They know my vintage vase isn’t a hat. Well, sometimes. LOL

3. Indestructible at kid level

I LOVE to mix in textiles like pillows, curtains and upholstered items to give a space warmth. I also don’t want to spend my life stain treating everything in our home. Ha! So especially for our kitchen, I chose seating that was all wipeable. There is enough to clean in there there, right?! I add in warmth with plants and kitchen towels.

As for décor items on side tables or ledges where kids can reach, wooden items and books are my friends! Wooden bowls and some pretty décor type books with neutral colors work great.

I hope this gets you excited to change up some of your spaces and make them yours! These are some loose guidelines. I always make exceptions of course as you can see by my upholstered dining chairs that have somehow lasted due to the performance fabric. Hey, they heart wants what the heart wants. Find your balance to find that happy place and make the home you and your family loves! Thank you for joining me here at Navy Grace!

Camilla of Navy Grace invites Christina Warren as a guest post, Christina shares 3 simple ways to enjoy big home style with kids and helpful tips


Q: How did you get started as a blogger/influencer?

A: I quit my private practice job as an acupuncturist in Southern California to move and marry my love in Seattle! We traveled for his work/family often and it wasn’t conducive to getting a regular job. I became thriftier than ever and spent my time learning about blogs, making blogger friends and improving my photography skills.

It evolved. I became a print fashion photographer for luxury loungewear line and started using Instagram to develop a business clientele. We kept moving and it grew into what it is today. My true passion is happiness and spreading that wherever I can. I named my blog “Happy or Else,” to let people know I enjoy humor too!

Hey, those rainy, dark winters of Seattle can make anyone a hermit writer! Ha!

Q: What is your favorite mom product that you are always sharing or talking about?

A: Whiskey!? Just kidding. I think jogging strollers are such a huge freedom item. Bob definitely makes the best ones. Of course they are incredible new but you can get second hand ones through Craigslist or Marketplace type places at a great price and then pass them along when you’re done!

Q: What is your favorite baby/toddler/child product?

A: Tubby Todd products are so well made and gentle. I am always using their bubble bath and when the kids were little, the all-over ointment was so helpful! I know the family who owns it and they are so dedicated to making healthy, safe products. They feel good to use!

Q: What is something you do for yourself to make you be a better mom and wife to your family?

A: They say answers come to a quiet mind. I want alone time to think and let my mind wander. I plan out our meals for the week, clean out my car, go through emails and then have time to allow myself to receive some divine inspiration. It keeps the anxiety down, allows me to see the big picture and keeps me out of reaction.

Q: What is one piece of advice you would give to other moms?

A: It’s hard for everyone. Ha! No matter how someone is presenting themselves at the grocery store or church, all mothers have big struggles. Did anyone know I couldn’t sit for 2 months after baby one? I smiled a lot and said I preferred to stand and rock my baby LOL That was just a physical struggle I had. Ha!

A special thanks to Christina for joining us today!
You can find Christina:

Instagram: @christinajwarren
Facebook: Happy Or Else 

xo, Camilla

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