Happy Mom Talk Monday Mamas!!
I didn’t really have a topic in mind to talk about today, BUT I did have these darling photos to share.
Then after looking at these photos are the phrase on my graphic tee “GET IT GIRL” really stood out to me this week and month, or 3 months!

Some days have not been easy the last few months while renovating a home, with a husband gone most days, basically working his real job and running his own business and now working his “second job” our new house, keeping things in order as well as doing a lot of the work himself.

It hasn’t been the easiest dealing with Edison just because he is so busy, while trying to get things done. So this thought of GET IT GIRL really comes alive.
I can do this, and can get through this tiny part of life, stress, and overwhelming feeling.

I can brush the grumpiness, attitude, sad, needy moments off with Edison and just learn to take 5 minutes and be with him. Thats all the time he wants from me anyways before he is off doing something else anyways. I have had to learn to just stop what I am doing and focus on him. Because my focus as been shifted so much this month.

I just want to tell all you mamas out there that you got this! so Get it girl! Being a mama is hard, dealing with stress is hard, dealing with challenges, new changes, or whatever you are personally going through is hard. It’s hard for everyone, just in different waves. Today I just wanted to remind all you boss ladies that we are all in this together. Reach out to a new mama friend this week!
One of my favorite things to do when you see a mom struggling in the store, restaurant or wherever she is alone at with her kid or kids just smile. Maybe offer to help. But mostly smile and let them feel your sympathy for them because like I mentioned, we have all been there and dealt with a toddler screaming in public at the worst possible time.

Get It Girl Tee: Urban Outfitters  |  black checkered pants: Urban Outfitters  |  white embellished sandals: Rebecca Minkoff  |  diaper bag: Fawn Design   |  sunglasses: Urban Outfitters 

Edison’s Top: Zara – similar here |  shorts: Little Bipsy 

I wanted to share the new revamped Fawn Design diaper bag with you!

I have loved and used Fawn Design ever since having Edison, I have the brown one and love it. I always wished it had a few extra things that the bag didn’t have.
I feel like Fawn Design finally listened! The new Grab and Go handle feature is exactly what I wished the bag had!
It really makes such a huge difference with the bag without changing the entire esthetic to the bag.

They also added an extra two pocket on the back of the bag. One is large enough to hold a small laptop or iPad.

Lastly they just expanded the size of the water bottle holder on the outside of them bag. It can now fit your water, as well as a baby bottle or sippy cup!
All good good changes to the Fawn Design.

Better hurry and get yours before they are gone!



xo, Camilla

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