A few new mamas have been sliding into my dm’s asking about my favorite pregnancy apps that I have been using and used while pregnant with Edison. I wanted to share a few of my favorites with you today!

Also, I felt this was such a great topic to discuss especially since I remember being that first time mom and not knowing what apps were the best source. I wanted a app that was easy to use, educational, and of course the fun photo graphics to use as well.

Some of these apps are also great for after pregnancy and dealing with a newborn so I wanted to share a few of those with you all today as well. These apps really helped me keep track of my breastfeeding schedule until I got the hang of it. I was able to know exactly how long I fed on both breasts, and how long it has been in between feedings. It was also helpful the first few weeks when you are suppose to keep count of dirty diapers.


Your first pregnancy can feel a little overwhelming, Camilla shares her favorite apps to use to track your bump progression and see babies growth



I love this app mainly because it sends me weekly updates through email. Which is sadly the only way I know how far along I am this pregnancy. It’s funny how different your first pregnancy is compared to your second. Of course, I am still excited, but I don’t seem to check the apps as often as I did with being pregnant with Edison. Thankfully this app gives me a reminder in the email which I am always reading.

I also love that there is a very detailed video to go along with photos of your babies progress and growth it has made that week.

The comparison with an object such as food is super helpful to get a better perspective of the size of your baby each week

Not only do you get to see the progress of your baby, The What to Expect app shares what your body may be feeling or going through that week as well.

The only downside to this app is all the articles. Some people may enjoy it, but for me I just choose to skip them.


This is my first time using this app. I am not even sure if it was around when I was pregnant with Edison.  The Pregnancy + app shows such a real life video of what your baby looks like. You can even choose the race of the baby to make it feel more personal.

This app gives information on the baby that week, but I do feel the What to Expect app gives more detail.

While looking at the image/video of the baby, you can hear a heartbeat. Of course it isn’t your babies, but it still is such a beautiful noise to hear.


Another new app I found this pregnancy. I really love this one. It is a photo editing app that can be used for pregnancy, and of course tracking milestones and dates once the new baby arrives. I shared a little photo of what mine looks like below.

I document and take a photo of myself in a mirror with a sports bra and pair of leggings every 2 weeks. With Edison I did it weekly, but I just haven’t made the time or forget this time around, so every 2 weeks has been a great way to still show bump progression.  The Baby Story Editing app has cute graphics and numbers to add to each photo so you can track how far along you are. As I mentioned above, you can also do this for children to show their age in weeks, months and other fun time trackers.


I loved and used this app while pregnant with Edison. I loved being able to store all of my weekly bump photos and keeping them in one place.

Another thing I loved was the food comparison of the size of the baby each week

Your first pregnancy can feel a little overwhelming, Camilla shares her favorite apps to use to track your bump progression and see babies growth



Easily my most used app when the baby arrives. I can’t remember how I found out about this app, but I am here to tell you that it was a major game changer. It tracks your feedings. Both breast and bottle. For breastfeeding you can track how many minutes you feed on each breast. It also tracks which breast you last fed on so the next time you begin a feeding you can use the opposite breast.

I also loved being able to see the last time I fed Edison. Sometimes 2-3 hours goes by quickly and when the baby becomes fussy, I would look at my app and see that I was right around the 2 1/2 hour mark from the last time I fed Edison and knew it was time to feed again.

Lastly, another feature I loved about this app, but didn’t use as long was the wet and dirty diaper tracker. I only used it the first couple weeks after Edison was born. Especially since Edison didn’t gain his weight back and we were constantly going into the doctor for checkups. So being able to have an easy accessible app to track was so convenient.


I found out about this app from you readers when Edison was a few months old.

This app helps share when the baby may be going through a developmental leap. It is so hard to read your baby when everything is so new to you. Sometimes your baby can be so fussy and you try everything possible yet nothing is working. That is when I would hop on the Wonder Weeks App and see that Edison was approaching or in the middle of a developmental leap.

I love the chart the app shares of both the stormy and sunny periods of your baby. It even shows the exact days of when your baby may be fussier. From what I remember they were pretty dead on too. It’s amazing!

This app was really such a big sigh of relief knowing that it was a developmental leap and that I was doing everything I could to help him, yet he was still going through something big and there isn’t much I could do.


Your first pregnancy can feel a little overwhelming, Camilla shares her favorite apps to use to track your bump progression and see babies growth


xo, Camilla

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