Even before having children I knew that reading was something I knew I wanted to do with my kids. I knew I wanted to start young and grow the tradition of reading together. I am not much a reader, but truly is something I hope to learn to love. So, as a result, starting now with Edison I am finding more of a joy in reading and of course watching him learn and grow each day and night we read together.
Furthermore, today I wanted to share some of our favorite books we have and love to read as well as some of Edison’s favorites too! 

I would always hear before having kids, and even now that one of the best things you can do for your child is to read to them and with them every day and especially at nighttime. Which is why I started to read to Edison when he was just a newborn. Each night after bath time, and while he is drinking his milk, I read 2 to 3 stories to him. It’s been fun to watch him hardly sit still for one page, to now sitting still looking and pointing at each thing for 2 – 4 books. It’s not  often he holds still for long these days, so I am really cherishing our little moments reading together.

* Quick side note: I couldn’t help not share this photo! Edison’s new thing is doing this motion with his hands for “all done” I make him tell me “all done” before getting out of the high chair, out of the bath, and any other time. He has been picking up on it more and I just love it. Prior to him telling me he was “all done” he tried getting out of the chair and ended up tipping over with the chair falling on him. He got back up, and we sat him on the chair to capture just a few more photos. After about 2 more minutes he finally dropped the booked and said “all done!!” lol

It has been so fun being able to start traditions with Edison and one of my favorite new traditions I started with Edison as we travel is getting a book for him every new place he as visited as a souvenir. (pictured above)
I love that it is something that we can collect several of and still have a place for them. Not like my Mug souvenir I had to finally give up. I just was collecting too many with no more storage. But a book about a place your child has visited is such a fun memory for them! Here are just a few I have started to collect for Edison

The Most Precious Time – One Day in Venice 
All Aboard California 
Good Night Charleston 
Hello World San Francisco 

My sister in law gave me such a great baby shower gift that I love to show and share with everyone.
She gave me a custom stamp that says “This Book Belongs To Edison ” with a ink pad and several of the gold bonded books.
I really enjoy being able to stamp all of Edison’s books and make them his own.
If you would like you order a custom stamp with your child’s name on it contact @scriptbeach. She recently just made me a home address custom stamp and did such a fabulous job!

Another fun book idea that was also done for me, and something I continue to do for others if you are hosting a baby shower or even for a family member.
Get one of your favorite books, my mom gave me “Are You My Mother?” book at my baby shower and had it as the guest book for everyone that came out to support me and Edison. Not only were they suppose to sign their name but give me some of their best motherhood and baby advice.
I love that when I am reading this to Edison we can look through and remember some of those great pieces of advice.

Some of our favorite Children Books:

Dragons Love Tacos 
I Love You Through and Through 
Little Blue Truck 
First 100 Words 
Love You Forever 
Guess How Much I Love You 
Are You My Mother?
Goodnight Moon 
Old McDonald Had a Truck 
I Love You Stinky Face
Lift the Flap TRUCKS 

Edison’s Top Picks:

If I Built A Car 
Peek A Who 
The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Brown Bear Brown Bear  
Little Owl’s Night
Hey Diddle Diddle 
Goofy’s Big Race 
Pull the Tab COLORS 
Shark Bite!

Religious/ LDS Church Books:

I Can Pray Everyday  
1, 2, 3 With Nephi and Me 
A is For Abinidi 
My First Book Of Mormon Stories 
My LDS Quiet Book 
My Book of Mormon Quiet Book 
The Holy Ghost is Like A Blanket 

xo, Camilla

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  1. June 18, 2018 / 12:29 pm

    Omg these pics are so stinkin cute!! We love “I love you stinky face” right now! We read it at least 5x a day! And this little corner is so cute!! I definitely need some shelves like this for baby c’s room!

    Xo, Steph

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