It’s Monday Mamas!!!

And by golly it has been a whopping 2 weeks since you have heard from me for a Mom Talk Monday. I am excited to share with you today’s post because it’s all about my baby boy. But stay tuned for next week where I will be sharing all your advice you shared with me about sharing and taking turns with toddlers.

Since Edison turned TWO last week I wanted to share some of my favorite photos of him throughout the past two years. I narrowed it down A LOT because I did have over 10,000 to choose from. So here we go. Starting from day 1 to day 730!

I would love to hear from you what your favorite memory of Edison is? It most likely will be a video you remember watching on my stories, but I would love to hear from you.

Taking a walk down memory lane of the last two years of Edison's life since his recent birthday turning two! We basically celebrated all week long.

Edison at two

I wanted to share a few of my favorite memories and milestones that Edison has achieved or working on. I feel that my blog is my online journal, and this will be something I will love to go back and read years from now, or even in just 6 months. It’s so fun to see what has changed, how much he has progressed developmentally, as well as all those cute little memories that I promised myself I wouldn’t forget, yet do anyways.

  • Counts 1, 2.. 1, 2 or sometimes 1, 2, 1.
  • Calls most colors green
  • Says the letter E and only E when we start to sing the alphabet
  • Says in the cutest tone, “okkay” any time I ask him a question, or say we need to do something
  • Loves to say “oh nooo” any time we have an issue with a train, car, or just about anything
  • Favorite toys right now is his lightening McQueen car and his stuffed Llama that Aunt Jennie gave him
  • Still loves his milk more than anything and calls it “mowwww”
  • Loves to play with his train, goes right to the tool drawer in our kitchen to grab a screwdriver to fix any broken train
  • Enjoys racing any car down our steep driveway. Before letting the cars go, he counts 1, 2, 1, 2, 1…
  • Most mornings since Edison wakes up around 6, I go grab milk and microwave it, then pick him up from his crib to bring back into bed with me. As soon as he finishes his milk he looks around for the iPad that is generally on the bed from me watching an episode of Friends the night before while falling asleep. He grabs the iPad and asks to watch a “mooovie” of course I can’t say no, especially that early in the morning.
  • Loves his “coookieeee” and calls just about anything a cookie. But a real cookie makes him so happy
  • He is really developing and learning new words each day and using them in their correct ways. His most new recent he has started to say correctly is water, which has almost a British accent to it.
  • Words Edison knows and says often. car, truck, movie, water, milk, boss, mom, daddy, ball, rawr, green, wanna go, cookie, cheetohs, all done, outside, choo choo, airplane, eyes, belly, tree, bird, quack quack, bubbles, cheese, corn, elmo, down, up, hold me, bike, eddie, color, mouse, dog, sorry, please, thank you, peek a boo,
  • He has been getting a little confused and calls Brandon “maaam” instead of his normal, and very cute “daaatee” aka Daddy, It has been so funny each time he calls him by the wrong name. But then I realized he will call random strangers “maam” too!
  • If you are a stranger, Edison will go close by, wrap both of his arms around the back of your knees and try to pull you into the direction he wants you to go. Although it makes it very difficult to walk
  • We are still struggling with listening and hitting mom and dad. He only hits when we tell him no and it is something he really wants. So far I have never seen him hit any other kids thankfully!
  •  When you ask Edison to show his teeth, he turns in your direction and gives you the biggest, cheesiest grin that I can’t help but laugh at every time
  • Basically runs instead of walks to get everywhere
  • I wonder why I even make my bed in the mornings, the pillows get thrown off or moved moments after I make the bed.
  • Anytime I go to shower, Edison raises his shirt (trying to take it off) and points at the shower to join me. He got in this habit when we first moved into our home and because of the reno, had no actual bathtub for about 3 months.
  • Loves putting a blanket or towel over his head and runs around the room pretending to run into things, his favorite is running into me or dad, or boss
  • Edison loves Boss, and Boss loves Edison, but Boss is extremely patient with him. He will run trucks, cars, anything big into him. Jump on him, poke him, try to feed him, and so many other things. We have such a good dog.
  • Still the worst eater, but will eat avocado, cheetos, popcorn, rice pudding, cottage cheese, eggs, shredded cheese, string cheese, goldfish, Belvita crackers, chicken nuggets, PB&J, quesadilla and corn on the cob
  • Loves watching himself on the camera, and replaying videos of himself.
  • Loves to facetime family. However, when they don’t answer all hell will break loose and the tears begin. So someone better answer
  • Watching him open gifts, or even watching me unbox he gets so excited and always says “ooooohhhhh” a few times with the most excited look on his face
  • When he is still trying to wake up, or shy, or even times when I tell him no he gives me the biggest and longest blink and holds it tight.
  •  Has learned to float and float – swim – float in the swimming pool for survival
  • Loves to color and draw
  • If you are holding Edison and not looking at something he is trying to get you to look at, he will grab your cheek or chin and pull/push it into the direction he wants you to look
  • Loves blowing out candles and would blow them out again and again 20 times in a row if I would let him. We usually stop at 5.
  • After getting out the shower with Brandon or I he loves to find a rug or towel to curl up on, but demands a towel to be draped over him. He lays for at least a minute solid.


Thanks so much for being such supporters for little Eddie boy!

Can’t wait to see what this next year brings!

xo, Camilla

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