Happy Monday Mamas!!

I just had to share a thought I keep thinking lately as Edison is approaching two years old. “do it while you can”
I recently was chatting with a friend about halloween costumes, after sharing with her that Brandon, Edison and I will all be dressed as (accordingly matching too – just like we have done the past two years). She mentioned her kids didn’t want to match or have a similar themed costume this year. It just about broke my heart just thinking that that independent road our kids take will happen in our future.

Of course I still have a few more years before it comes, so thats way I keep reminding myself “do it while you can” That applies to matching outfits with your child, having matching outfits between the siblings, matching halloween costumes, matching Disneyland attire, what ever it is… Do it NOW before your kids grow their own opinions!!

I don’t match with Edison too often, just because there aren’t too many things for moms and little boys. But when I can make it happen, I do. I love this Sherpa collared denim jacket I found it for Edison. It was a mutually agreed YES decision to buy it. I tried it on him for size, as soon as he had it on, he walked over to the mirror and gave himself the biggest grin!! I then knew I needed to get myself one to match!!

denim jacket: similar here  |  grey basic tee: Urban Outfitters  |  wide leg jeans: Topshop (on sale!)  |  sneakers: Reebok

Edison’s look – denim jacket: Zara – similar herehere  |  skinny jeans  |  shoes: Native

xo, Camilla

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  1. Dawn
    October 15, 2018 / 5:50 am

    Again, your little boy puts a smile on my face. He is so sweet.

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