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Today I wanted to cover one of my very most asked mama questions. Which diaper bag do I love the most, and which one is worth investing in.
So, today I am going to cover everything I love or don’t like about each diaper bag I own and have personally used.

I would love to know which diaper bag is your favorite and why?

I will be sharing both my diaper bag review as well as Pros and Cons on the Freshly Picked, Fawn Design, Skip Hop, Nena and Co, and Henri Bendel diaper bags which I have personally used. Again, keep in mind that these are my own personal thoughts and opinions.




Freshly Picked Diaper Bag review featured by top US mom blog, Navy Grace Freshly Picked Diaper Bag review featured by top US mom blog, Navy Grace

Let me begin by saying I LOVE the Freshly Picked diaper bag!
I own it in both the Black and Butterscotch color and love them both. Personally I have loved having and using the Butterscotch color this summer. Black diaper bags I generally start using again in the Fall and Winter

Spacious – Lots of room for toys, snacks, diapers, wipes etc!
Easy to Clean – Great material for wiping up
Large bottle pocket – This is one of the few diapers bags that I can actually fit Edison’s hydroflask water bottle in. Which is really important to me in the summer
Easy Front Zip Pocket – I love having a bag that has a easy to open front zipper. When I am using the bag as a backpack and I only have one hand generally due to holding Edison, I love that I can reach back and grab my keys, or wallet.
Grab and Go Handle – I love having a easy strap/handle to hold and carry and bag for quick trips from the house to car and vise versa
Can be worn multiple ways –  Can be worn as a backpack or messenger style bag
Front Flap – One thing I really love most about this bag. Often times I only have one hand available, and zippers can be a huge pain to close one handed. So, that’s when the front flap becomes handy. I can quickly fasten the magnet snap and close the bag temporary.
Large Pockets Inside – More storage the better, I take out the changing pad the bag comes with and use my Gathre mat. That way I have more storage where the changing pad is typically stored.
Good Shape and Structure – I love that this diaper bag has a little bit of height to it unlike some diaper bags. This just creates more storage.

Messenger straps – I personally only wear this bag as a backpack and wish I could remove the messenger straps – but thats a personal decision.
Can’t Remove Straps – This is probably my biggest complaint on this bag. You can’t remove the messenger straps, but you can tuck them into the back pocket. However, my hand will often get stuck in the wrong strap while trying to put it on as a backpack



Fawn Design Diaper Bag review featured by top US mom blog, Navy Grace Fawn Design Diaper Bag review featured by top US mom blog, Navy Grace

Fawn Design Diaper Bag review featured by top US mom blog, Navy Grace

One of my very first diaper bags I got!
This bag was on my wish list way before having a child! Fawn Design to me, is one of the first trending diaper bag companies out there for an affordable price. There was several other diaper bags to choose from, but you had to pay big bucks.

I have this diaper bag in both the brown and black as well. Again, I personally love them both and use them accordingly to season.

New Features – The new and improved bags are personally the only way to go now! Which I think is all that is available anymore, unless if you were to purchase a used bag.
Front Pockets – Love having two front pockets.
Great Design – I have always loved the design and shape of the Fawn Design
New Grab and Go Handle – This is the newest feature they just added, which was one reason I stopped using my Fawn Design for some time. My backpack strap started to tear a little just from so much weight being pulled on that specific strap. Since having the new updated bag, this problem wont happen again.
Two New Pockets – Always a good feature to have multiple pockets!
Easy to Clean – Great wipeable material

Small front Pocket – I love having a larger front pocket to store more items. This front pocket can only hold my wallet
Tight Bottle Pocket – You can fit a water bottle in this pocket, but to me it isn’t easy to take in and out. You need two hands, which isn’t a deal breaker, but just more work unlike some diaper bags that have a more structured outside bottle pocket.
Size – The size of the bag really is a great size, but sometimes I wish I had a little more room for extras if I were traveling. So I typically don’t use this bag for travel.
Sales Out Quickly – These bags are a hot commodity, which is great, but also hard when you are really wanting to get your hands on one of their bags in a specific color. You have to be on the lookout often for when they restock.


Skip Hop Diaper Bag review featured by top US mom blog, Navy Grace

Skip Hop Diaper Bag review featured by top US mom blog, Navy Grace Skip Hop Diaper Bag review featured by top US mom blog, Navy Grace

This Skip Hop bag truly surprised me by how much I LOVE it!
The color is fabulous, but the shape, easy to access, and convenience of this bag is what has made it a top favorite for me. This has now become my travel bag. I feel it is very spacious, easy to get into and perfect for flying.

Good Structure – This is a true backpack form diaper bag, which is why I was hesitant at first, but overall it makes sense, you can fit more into it and it overall works great.
iPad Pocket – It’s not specifically for an ipad, but it fits ours (with the case) perfectly. Having the iPad easy to get to during flights has been a must for us
Good Bottle Pocket – This bottle pocket is the winner for all diaper bags! It is more structured making it SO easy to take a water bottle or bottle in and out one handed.
Easy to Use One Handed – Easy to close zippers one handed!
Side Pocket – A fun little feature that happens to be convenient, It is smaller, but I keep hand sanitizer, nail clippers, diaper cream and a few other small things in it for easy to access reach .
Grab and Go Handle – It’s a backpack, so of course it has a good one!
Padded Straps – Another reason I love this bag for traveling. Most likely I am wearing my diaper bag due to traveling with a small travel storage that doesn’t have a large under carriage, It’s always been a comfortable bag to carry.
Good Pockets Inside – Lot’s of storage inside
Wide Opening – Even opens up enough so it’s easy to see anything on the bottom of the bag

Only a Backpack – This isn’t much a con to me, but it can be a deal breaker for some of you


Nena and Co Diaper Bag review featured by top US mom blog, Navy Grace Nena and Co Diaper Bag review featured by top US mom blog, Navy Grace

Always been a fan of Nena and Co. I jumped on their train at what I feel like was the perfect time. They had recently just launched their new backpack design. I honestly feel like in order for it to be a functional diaper bag the backpack is a must have option.

Super Cute + Trendy – I love this bag so much, and always get compliments on it every time I use it
Good Size Side Pockets – These side pockets are super big and spacious
Versatile – I love that this bag can be worn multiple ways. I actually use this bag as my Sunday/church bag. It works perfectly  and I wear it as the messenger style while at church.
Detachable Straps – If you don’t want the extra weight of the extra straps, you can easily take them off or on
History of Bag – If you aren’t familiar with Nena and Co, all of their bags are made in Guatemala, providing jobs for Guatemalans is such a neat factor about the brand.
One of a Kind – Because these bags are handmade in Guatemala, you won’t ever see another bag exactly like yours. I still get questions from you readers asking when I plan to sell this bag, and the answer is NEVER! 🙂

Not Wipeable – Since the material is fabric, it isn’t easy to clean. However, it does hide dirt and other messes great.
Smaller Size – Compared to my other diaper bags, I feel it is a little on the smaller side. With that being said, this bag is a good toddler or older child bag. When you need less things.
Heavy – Because of the leather straps and fabric, the bag is heavy without adding anything inside. Then once you add your wipes, food, toys etc. The bag can weigh a lot, or feel heavy.
Sells Out Quickly – Another hard bag to get your hands on. But when you do, you know it is such a unique bag that only you will have.



Nena and Co Diaper Bag review featured by top US mom blog, Navy Grace Nena and Co Diaper Bag review featured by top US mom blog, Navy Grace

I love a good Henri Bendel bag, and was so happy when they came out with their diaper bags. I own this bag in both this olive green color and black. Both great choices

Easy to Clean – Very great material for cleaning and wiping
Sturdy and Durable – This bag is made out of thick material and is very durable
Good Structure – I love the stiffness of this bag. It won’t be collapsing, falling over, or loosing it’s shape.
Great Newborn Bag – I personally only used this during the newborn phase. The reason for that is because most times, you are one handed and can’t set down your brand new baby. Having the option of setting the bag down or keeping it on my shoulder it was easy to reach in one handed and grab what I needed without fussing with the bag itself.
Great Front Pockets – I love having multiple front pockets and this Henri Bendel Diaper bag’s are perfectly placed
Easy to Use One Handed – Such a big deal to me.
Classic Style – I loved this bag because it looks classy and mature
Doesn’t Scream Diaper Bag – Another reason I loved this bag. You can get away wearing this as a regular bag if you wanted to.

Only a Messenger Bag – Can’t be worn as a backpack
Smaller Size – You really can’t fit much in this bag, unfortunately. Which is why I loved it for the newborn phase. Everything is teeny tiny.
Only Functional for Small Outings – Like I mentioned above, it is small, so if you are doing a quick errand this bag would work great, but not ideal for an all day outing.

Diaper Bag review featured by top US mom blog, Navy Grace

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    Which bag is your favorite. I have a 6 month old and wondering which bag is great overall. I looked at the fawn, fp, and skip hop.

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