Happy Monday Mamas!

Today I wanted to share 20 items that we love and use almost daily. Some items are a little more specific for days where we get out of the house, but overall are ALL great essentials to have for your busy toddlers. Plus a lot of them are for you too like our favorite diaper bags and strollers!

After creating this post, I realized I left out a few other important items that we love having. I will include those below.

What are some items you love and use daily for your toddlers?


1 – Maxi Cosi Pria 85 Carseat  – I don’t have a lot to compare to, since I do only have one convertible carseat, however, I am super happy with this one. We have it in blue and love it. Easy to clean too. I love the magnetic chest clip!

2 – Freshly Picked Diaper Bag – mini version here – We have both versions of this bag. Hands down our favorite diaper bags!

3 – iPad Holder  – I love this case for multiple reasons. It’s protective, Easy for kids to hold, can stand alone, easy to carry, and lastly having the hand carry hole makes it so I can hang the iPad off of our clothing rack behind the passenger seat in our Tesla. Which hangs right in front of Edison!

4 – 4Moms High Chair  – Love this high chair. I love the looks and design. The colors are great and not too bold. I also love the magnetic tray as well as the double tray. Being able to take off the top tray for easy cleaning is so great for this mama.

5 – Dohm Sound Machine  – One of our newest purchases. I love this sound machine compared to others. It doesn’t sound like static compared to our last. Instead, it sounds like a fan, which is much more bearable if you ask me.

6 – UPPAbaby VISTA Stroller  – I will rave about this stroller till the day I die!! Okay kidding! But I do love this stroller. You can read my honest review on 5 different strollers here. 

7 – Silicone Plate – We love having these plates and bowls. They fit perfectly on the 4Moms high chair tray and I love that they suction to the table or counter if we are eating there.

8 – Stackable/Portable Snack Container  – Such a great way to keep all snacks together.

9 – Electric Toothbrush – I feel this is the only way I can get Edison to brush his teeth. This and the Magic Timer App. I have shared about this before, but if your child struggles with wanting to brush, this App is a game changer. It does a 2 minute count down, with Mickey Mouse and his friends. During the countdown, you start to see more of a picture that the bubbles are hiding. At the end the kid earns a sticker for brushing their teeth.

10 – Spoons – Of course a daily essential

11 – Hair Pomade – This is the pomade I use for Edison hair. I really love it. It doesn’t make his hair look like their is product in it.

12 – On the Go Lunch Box  – We have this and love using it on days where we will be out for lunch or all day. It keeps food fresh from the air tight container

13 – Tubby Todd Lotion and Shampoo  – Our very favorite lotion and shampoo!

14 – Forks – Another obvious daily essential. I love these ones for the metal.

15 – Plates and Bowls  – I love this set from IKEA because they stack nicely.

16 – Freshly Picked City Pack Bag  – Our newest favorite diaper bag. I love the material which makes it easy to clean.

17 – City Tour Travel Stroller  – Such a great travel stroller. Folds up nicely, has a backpack carrier, and doesn’t weigh much!

18 – Arlo Security Camera  – We got several Arlo security cameras around the house. We added one to Edison’s room so we can see him on our phones. I love it.

19 – No Spill Snack Cup   – This snack cup beats all the others. It really does limit the mess making or spills with it’s nylon top.

20 – Veer Wagon  – Another favorite of ours. Not only do I use it for Edsion, but I use it to haul in groceries, go to get packages at the end of our driveway etc. It is such a useful wagon that has a brake! You can read more of why I love the Veer Wagon here. 

xo, Camilla

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