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Today I am doing something a bit out of the ordinary, but also something that I feel is super useful and educational, or at least for me it was. Back in late November, early December, I remember watching stories on Instagram about toddler and children dietary supplements you should be giving to your children daily. I really hate that I can’t remember who’s account I was watching so I could give them credit, but I was so impressed with their wisdom on building a tough immune system for their children. Especially during the hard cold/winter months.

If your family was anything like ours, we were sick so much of January, and a week there in February and now being March 4th, we are sadly just getting over another cold. I keep getting sick which is such a normal thing for me being pregnant. Although we have been sick, I feel so much better about giving Edison things each night that will help build his immune system and help to protect against sicknesses.

I knew that I should start giving Edison some daily vitamins, but wasn’t sure where to start. Of course I know that I can always call my pediatrician, and get more specific recommendations, but when winter was approaching I kept seeing so many great reviews on the Elderberry Syrup that I was ready to start giving it to him daily.

I wanted to share what I have been giving Edison every single day (of course a few days have been missed) since December. We first started adding these dietary supplements into his daily morning smoothie, but the Elderberry syrup being dark purple, he started to notice it and then started to refuse his smoothie. So I had to get a little creative or sneaky as I like to call it.

Now I have been giving all the dietary supplements/vitamins to him in his nightly bottle of milk. I prepare it while he isn’t in the kitchen with me so he never sees me add anything into his milk, so far it has been working. I hope I don’t jinx it! It helps that I have a dark blue sippy cup instead of a transparent one. As I mentioned earlier, he has yet to notice any taste, so we are on a good track.

Before I share what I give daily, and dietary supplements and vitamins that all children can take, I wanted to let you know that I have also been including the Flintstone Iron Vitamins in his nightly milk as well. This is one vitamin that you would need to get approved by your pediatrician. The reason I started to add it was because Edison was low on his Iron. His pediatrician recommended we start adding the Flintstone Iron  Vitamins into his routine. I get asked often how we (and his pediatrician) knew he was low on Iron. The pediatrician drew blood from his fingers and was tested for several things when he had his two year old checkup. If you have any concerns on if your child is lacking or low on anything I would recommend talking to your child’s pediatrician.

Black Elderberry Syrup 

Elderberry Gummies 

Ionic Zinc Drops

Vitamin C Organic Spray 

Other items I heard were a great add in as well

Liquid B12 

Mary Ruth’s Liquid Morning Multivitamin  – I also know this is a great dietary supplement for adults too


One thing I have found to be super useful if you have a child who is super picky like mine, and refuses any gummie or harder candy. This trick is for you! I opted for the liquid Elderberey syrup instead of the gummies because I knew Edison would not take them. However, with the Flintstone vitamins they are just a harder candy-like vitamin. I tried giving it to Edison and he wouldn’t even attempt to try to eat it. That’s where my pestle and mortar comes in handy! I take half of the vitamin, due to his age, and smash it in the pestle and mortar, then sneak the powder into his milk! Genius I tell you!


xo, Camilla

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