I mentioned on my Instagram this weekend this age is by far the funnest with Edison. 12-15 months has been so fun. Watching Edison grow and develop and become a little boy. Things he couldn’t do at 12 months like stack blocks was suddenly easy to do at 14 months. I love watching his little brain work and think. I wanted to share several of our favorite toys we own and of course a few that we will eventually get in his first year!




Kids toys review






Kids toys review



top toys for kids



100 First Words Book
Just got this book for Edison for Valentine’s Day and he sure is loving it! I think it’s such a good beginners book.

Wooden Blocks
Such a great toy even before the age of one. Of course they can’t do anything but grasp onto them. But Edison loves rolling them around. Now he is able to stack them and of course knock the stacks over.

Peek A Who Book
Currently one of Edison’s favorite books. He probably loves the way I read it to him more than anything!

Match and Roll Shape Sorter
Edison loves to put the shapes back. Currently he just puts them in the large opening. But we are working on each individual shape! So fun watching his little brain work hard in though

Mega Blocks
Right Now these are fun do Edison to pull apart. I know that soon he will be able to stack the build things! Still a great toy now since he can grow into it!

Touch And Feel Books
These are one of the easiest ways to reach your child to point and feel for something! The different textures are fun for them!

Edison loves to take these puzzles apart. I know that soon he will learn to piece them together. Which is why I really love this Musical Puzzle. It makes the instruments sound when you put the puzzle together.

VTech Rhyme and Discover Book
I love this book because Edison went through a phase where he didn’t want to sit still to read. This book helped a little since it sings to you and plays music!

Play Cube
This is another toy Edison doesn’t own but i would love to get him one day. I’ve also heard so many good things about this!

Wooden Pounding Bench with Mallet
Also recently got this for Edison and loves banging the Mallet. He of course still hasn’t got the perfect technique or the full concept. But he does good for having it just one week.

Learning Activity Table
this is a toy we actually don’t own. However I have heard so many great things about this activity center and how it helps them developmentally.

Wooden Geometric Shape Sorter 
We just got this cute and little shape sorter. It was a lot smaller than what I had thought, but it has been fun teaching Edison this more complex shapes toy.

Active  Play

Get your kids a tunnel! I love this one because it folds up so you don’t have a giant tunnel sitting in your living room everyday! Edison will be in this forever! He loves to crawl, take toys inside and play, and of course play hard to get when I play with him!

Large Rubber Ball
Such a good toy that’s cheap too! Edison loves to carry it and kick it around! He loves watching when I bounce it high and loud too!

Ride On Toy
Brandon and I were at the mall and saw the cutest Lamborghini ride on toy that we wanted to get for Edison so bad. I mean he has to match his dad right! But it was a little bit too big for Edison right now. He wouldn’t be able to climb on by himself or his feet wouldn’t touch the ground. So I found this cute one as a trainer toy. It’s just his size. He can scoot around but is slow so he prefers to push it most of the time! I love this one too, One that I could push him a little easier around with!

Mini Trampoline
I can’t wait to get one of these for Edison! Once he is a little more stable with balance I know he will have so much fun with this!

Basketball Hoop
I know this would be so fun for Edison. He has a major obsession with balls and putting things into baskets. I love that this toy can grow with him too!

Ball Pit
We don’t own one of these but Edison has played it one before. He loved it! I would love to get him his own because how cute is it!!

Bounce Ride On Toy
Such a fun toy! Edison loves to bounce and bounce. This a fun toy for several ages too!

Creative Play

Large Toy Cars + Trucks
Edison is ALL boy!! This kid loves his cars and trucks.

Hotwheels Car
I love having cat toys in all sizes. He loves to hold these in the car and stroller. However this Lamborghini one is his favorite!

Crawl Around Car
Hands down Edison’s favorite toy! We got this for him at Christmas and we couldn’t put it together fast enough! He sat in it for 2 weeks straight! He still loves it and plays in it multiple times a day. Also, e loves taking and hiding things in it too!

Tonka Truck
again such a boy toy! But he loves it. Puts toys in it and pushes it everywhere

Baby Doll
Of course we don’t have a baby doll. But I think it is never too young to give your daughters a little baby doll.

Baby Doll Stroller
Have to have the stroller for the baby, right!

Kitchen Set
I plan to get a kitchen set one day! Is there anything cuter!???

Pots + Pans set
My wish is that by having his own he would stay out of mine!

Wooden Play Food
To go along with the kitchen set and of course Shopping cart! Love that is is wooden too.

Shopping Cart
We almost about this for Edison but didn’t, still wish we did! He loves to push everything!!! So I know This would be so fun! Especially with the phase he is in now, throwing toys inside any form of basket or opening!

Toddler Chair
NEED one of these now!!! I love this cute shape and style. Now that Edison will sit and watch tv for a little bit I know he would love his own chair. When I get ready in the morning I will put on a show. I made him a little seat with blankets and he goes and sits on it each day ready to watch! I love it!

Bath Time

Penguin Paddle Toy
This pull a string toy is so fun for Edison to watch. I do it for him now, but he giggles every time!

Magnetic Numbers + Letters
Such a fun toy to take every single one off the bath wall! Because what else would you do with them 🙂

Bath Foam Book 

Squirt Rubber Toys
Apparently all bath toys make Edison laugh. But this one is his favorite especially when I squirt his belly!! Or he loves when me squirting it  in his mouth!

Falls Bath Toy
Such a cute toy! You use one cup to pour the water in the remaining cups and watch the water seep through.

Swimming Penguin
Another toy that Edison just laughs and laughs at!

Rubber Duck

Bath Pipe Set
We have one similar to this and Edison loves it so much. He loves me pouring the water and he loves to do it himself as well! So much to watch them so it themselves.


Puffy Stickers 
It’s so fun watching Edison figure out how to take stickers off the paper and then wonder why they are stuck to him. Sure keeps him busy for awhile!

Quiet Book
Such a great book for quiet times. No pun intended! We also love to take a book of Mormon version to church every week. It has so many fun little activities.

Hand Puppet  
Such a good way to entertain and distract

I loved finding new toys and activities when we flew 13 hours with Edison. He love pulling string and love the the thinness. Even one single hair would work too!

So cheap.. but so fun! Edison loves the fact that you can pull and pull the floss out!

Shark Bite Book 
Such a fun book. Edison loves getting his fingers bitten off 🙂

Magnetic Drawing Board 
Still getting the hang of it. But I think once he figures it out he will love it even more!

Puppet Finger Book  
Such a fun fun book!!

Can’t go anywhere without our Ipad on long travels. This is such a good case! We have a mount that we put our Ipad  on for car drives. I only put it on when we have a long drive, or if we have been in the car all day!

Pull Tab Books
One of Edison’s favorite books. This is one he goes and grabs and brings for me to read to him. Expect I cant read it because he loves to just pull all the tabs! It’s so cute.

Gel Clings
Such a great toy while traveling. On the plane and of course while driving on road trips

Water WOW Activity Pack
We haven’t started using these yet. I have them waiting in our closet. I know within a couple months Edison will love these. And I will love that they don’t make a mess!


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  1. February 19, 2018 / 5:58 pm

    Omg this guide is perfect! Baby C loves Peek a Who book and we also have that activity table which is fun too! I’ll need to try some of these other toys!

    Xo, Steph

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