It’s June and summer is finally here!
We are so excited and can’t wait for this June Gloom to be over to enjoy the beach more and more everyday!
I think this is where we will be spending out time. As well as air conditioned places too! 🙂

But for today’s Mom Talk Monday I wanted to share a bunch of activities you can do with and for your children 18 months+

home summer activities mom sharing home summer activities
mom and kids sharing home summer activities kids playing home summer activities


Water Table Play set

We for sure plan on getting one of these this summer. Edison loves playing in water and I love that I can keep this in a shaded area outside and let him go crazy and just have fun. Only Problem is keeping him away when I need him to stay dry. See another water table play set here 

Giant Bubbles

 Letting your kids make their own bubbles is a great developmental tool. Plus they love it too. I think having a large bucket or small kiddy pool that you can have a thin layer of bubbles with several. You can even make your own bubble mixture too! Here is some bubble mixture you can buy. Bubble Wand set here

Have a “Carwash” – Wash their Toys

This is such a good idea because when was the last time you cleaned your toddlers toys? Guilty over here. I used to be really good when Edison was 6 months and younger.. but I can’t say that now. We have a lot of cars in our house, so washing those would be perfect. Girls could wash baby dolls too.

Paint on Canvas or White Table Cloth

 I have been wanting to do this with Edison for awhile now. I am just holding back because I know it will be messy. But also so much fun! I think he would love getting his hands dirty.

Spray Bottle Wars

I got this idea from my friend who brought a spray bottle to our recent Disneyland stop and it kept her 2.5 year old entertained in those long long lines!! You can easily get into a water war with these!

Scavenger Hunt

Print off a bunch of nature items. Leaves, tree, bird, sun, grass, flower, rocks etc. and go out and find each of the items

Draw with Sidewalk Chalk

Always a fun thing to do. You could even draw shapes, animals or colors and make it a learning activity too by having your child point or go stand in colors and shapes you shout out.

Sand Pit or Beach

Luckily we live close to the beach! But for those of you who don’t a sand pit is always a fun thing to do! Just make sure it’s in the shade

Mini Basketball Hoop

Another thing I have been dying to get for Edison. He loves balls and I think he would love this activity. Plus it teaches them so much with coordination.

Make a Balance Beam

Edison is in the phase where he loves to climb and explore. But being a mama bear, I have to be right by his side incase he takes a hard fall. Getting a thick 4×4 wood block and placing them on solid ground. That way it isn’t too far of a fall. Love this idea too!

Run through Sprinklers

If you have a grass area or even a tramp turn on the sprinklers and let your kid have their own splash pad.

Balance Bike

Any kid that loves to be outside needs several activities to learn and do. We will be starting Edison on one of these soon and I can’t wait! This Plasmacar is another really good option too.

Slip and Slide Mat and Slide

This looks like so much fun! I think I need it!

Picnic Outside

Go for a short walk around the house or neighborhood and come back and eat outside!

xo, Camilla


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  1. June 4, 2018 / 10:17 pm

    Such great ideas!!! We love water table play time! It’s so fun and keeps baby happy for a good amount of time outside! Also can’t wait for warmer days so we can enjoy the beach!


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