It’s June and summer is finally here!
We are so excited and can’t wait for this June Gloom to be over to enjoy the beach more and more everyday!
I think this is where we will be spending out time. As well as air conditioned places too! 🙂

But for today’s Mom Talk Monday I wanted to share a bunch of activities you can do with and for your children 18 months+


Water Table Play set: We for sure plan on getting one of these this summer. Edison loves playing in water and I love that I can keep this in a shaded area outside and let him go crazy and just have fun. Only Problem is keeping him away when I need him to stay dry. See another water table play set here 

Giant Bubbles: Letting your kids make their own bubbles is a great developmental tool. Plus they love it too. I think having a large bucket or small kiddy pool that you can have a thin layer of bubbles with several. You can even make your own bubble mixture too! Here is some bubble mixture you can buy. Bubble Wand set here

Have a “Carwash” – Wash their Toys: This is such a good idea because when was the last time you cleaned your toddlers toys? Guilty over here. I used to be really good when Edison was 6 months and younger.. but I can’t say that now. We have a lot of cars in our house, so washing those would be perfect. Girls could wash baby dolls too.

Paint on Canvas or White Table Cloth: I have been wanting to do this with Edison for awhile now. I am just holding back because I know it will be messy. But also so much fun! I think he would love getting his hands dirty.

Spray Bottle Wars: I got this idea from my friend who brought a spray bottle to our recent Disneyland stop and it kept her 2.5 year old entertained in those long long lines!! You can easily get into a water war with these!

Scavenger Hunt: Print off a bunch of nature items. Leaves, tree, bird, sun, grass, flower, rocks etc. and go out and find each of the items

Draw with Sidewalk Chalk: Always a fun thing to do. You could even draw shapes, animals or colors and make it a learning activity too by having your child point or go stand in colors and shapes you shout out.

Sand Pit or Beach: Luckily we live close to the beach! But for those of you who don’t a sand pit is always a fun thing to do! Just make sure it’s in the shade

Mini Basketball Hoop: Another thing I have been dying to get for Edison. He loves balls and I think he would love this activity. Plus it teaches them so much with coordination.

Make a Balance Beam: Edison is in the phase where he loves to climb and explore. But being a mama bear, I have to be right by his side incase he takes a hard fall. Getting a thick 4×4 wood block and placing them on solid ground. That way it isn’t too far of a fall. Love this idea too!

Run through Sprinklers: If you have a grass area or even a tramp turn on the sprinklers and let your kid have their own splash pad.

Balance Bike: Any kid that loves to be outside needs several activities to learn and do. We will be starting Edison on one of these soon and I can’t wait! This Plasmacar is another really good option too.

Slip and Slide Mat and Slide: This looks like so much fun! I think I need it!

Picnic Outside: Go for a short walk around the house or neighborhood and come back and eat outside!

xo, Camilla


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  1. June 4, 2018 / 10:17 pm

    Such great ideas!!! We love water table play time! It’s so fun and keeps baby happy for a good amount of time outside! Also can’t wait for warmer days so we can enjoy the beach!


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