Today I wanted to share some Mama Hacks for you that are always helpful for us!
I feel like it is always a good little refresher or reminder when you see someone doing something fun with their kids on Instagram which is where I get a lot of ideas from. Especially all of my favorite influencer and friends here in San Diego. If you are local you have to go check out the Sunshine Gardens in Encinitas. It is such a cute place to play for a while. They become cultured with different vegetations plus their is fish, a tortoise, goats and more to do.


white lace dress: Asos – similar here  |  sandals: Madewell  |  hat: Revolve  |  sunglasses: Henri Bendel  |  backpack: Henri Bendel  

Edison’s Look: Overalls  |  striped shirt: similar here  |  sandals: Freshly Picked 


1. Mama Hack:

Go outside! Fresh air and sunshine makes everyone a little happier. We may not go to far each day, sometimes it’s our front yard pushing a wagon or stroller around, but our favorite place to go (if we aren’t at the mall) is the beach. This is usually how we look, we aren’t in swimsuits because it’s generally a spontaneous idea. Make it a goal to step outside for 20 minutes with your kids each day! (see what wagon we use here)

2. Mama Hack:

Have several toys around the house, in each room too. Make sure they are developmental toys, ones that will help them to learn and grow. I shared several toys on my blog that are perfect for 1 year olds as part of my weekly Mom Talk Monday series. (see post here)

3. Mama Hack:

Create a separate “Notes” page (on the app) for each of your kids in your phone. When they hit a milestone, say something clever, cute or funny, or even make a mistake, take note of it and date it! This has always been my favorite thing to look back on and rediscover memories of the best times and the hard ones too!

4. Mama Hack:

Snap snap snap pictures of your kids all day long! Video them too! Every night before bed I love to look through our pictures from earlier that day. It is a simple reminder to always be grateful of your life and what you have, plus I always find myself laughing non stop!

5. Mama Hack:

Amber Stone Teething necklaces make all the difference for those teething babes of yours. Teething and having a fussy child for almost 2 weeks is never fun. I do believe the amber stone necklace truly makes a difference in Edison’s attitude and helps with the pain! – This is the stone necklace we use and love 

6. Mama Hack:

Try to get ready each day. Put on a little makeup up, brush your hair, and put on some lipstick. Even if it is only a little bit. I believe that when you feel good about yourself you will have more positive attitude about your day. You will be a better mom because you feel better about yourself! I love using Maskcara makeup because it’s quick and easy! You can DM me to color match you too.
xo, Camilla

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