After our recent trip to Italy (and a 13-hour flight with Edison!), I got lots of questions about how to successfully travel with a baby/toddler, SO I thought it’d be fun to put together some of my best tips. I went a little crazy planning beforehand, but think it really helped!
These tips are specifically more for just traveling on a plane.
I will be sharing my tips once you get to the destination soon and share how to travel with a toddler!


Edison has been on 6 flights in his first year of life, and although I am no expert, I did learn a few things during those 6 times. (two of those being 13 hours long!!!!!!) It changes each and every time as they get older and older. The top two photos are when Edison was 8 months old. So he wasn’t too mobil and was happy sitting in our laps or slept most of the time.
Most of these tips are for a child who is closer to one years of age. Edison had just started walking about a month before our trip. So keep age in mind when reading this post!

Tip 1

Pack lots and lots of extra treats, especially new ones they have never tried.

Tip 2

Pack treats (like Cheerios) in the Munchkin Snack Catcher.

Tip 3

Pack Nursing Pillow on plane, especially if they are a lap child. Makes red eyes bearable.

Tip 4

Ergo Baby and the Baby Jogger Tour stroller are lifesavers.

Tip 5

Β Load up on small toys your child has never seen or played with in your diaper bag.

Tip 6

Purchase diapers once you get to your destination. Major luggage space saver.

Tip 7

Download movies or videos prior to going. That way when you don’t have WiFi you can still keep them busy. We downloaded from Netflix for free.

Tip 8

Get to the airport with plenty of time to let your child lay, sit, or run around before boarding the flight.

Tip 9

Try to be the lasts ones to board the plane. Less time sitting down the better.

Tip 10

Carry your child (if small enough) in the Ergo baby once arriving to the airport and through security. That way you have both hands to maneuver your luggage.

Tip 11

Bring a small garbage sack with you on the plane, you will have a lot of trash and don’t want to bother the stewardess too often.

Tip 12

Try to sit at the isle seat, if you can. I found it helpful for getting up to roam the isles. It is helpful because you have more room if you are breastfeeding too.

Tip 13

Ask for help! Luckily for me we had lots of family to get help from. But people are generally very helpful and kind.

Tip 14

Remember planes are loud and most people have headphones on. So if you child cries, that is okay!

xo, Camilla


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  1. Erin
    March 5, 2018 / 7:34 pm

    9 and 10 are KEY when I travel with my little one!! (Same age as Edison) πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜

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